Shiv Sena MLA Riots?; Following Mahesh Shinde, Shahaji Patil…

Digbanar Glow

Sangli: In western Maharashtra, many Shiv Sena MLAs appear to be caught in a cycle of unrest. Along with Koregaon’s Mahesh Shinde and Sangola’s Shahaji Patil, Khanapur-Atpadi MLA Anil Babar also expressed his discontent with the party’s chief minister, Eknath Shinde. On the other hand, this growing resentment among the Shiv Sena MLAs has led to a discussion about which party is active in the Mahavikas Aghadi government and which party faces ‘inability to share’.

After the 2019 Assembly election results, a new Mahavikas Aghadi like the NCP and Congress came to power in the state with Shiv Sena instead of Mahayuti. At first, it was thought that the Shiv Sena would have a huge advantage over the government by being given the position of Chief Minister in this new experiment. However, as the NCP gained the share of every other important ministerial position in this government, its influence in the government became more and more clear. This part of the power and the benefits derived from it began to flow directly from the representatives of the people to the workers. On the other hand, the Shiv Sena workers are far from this comparison, but there are many obstacles to getting these benefits even to the village representatives. These MLAs are unhappy even after coming to power due to lack of funding for constituencies, many obstacles in the way of development works, and all kinds of force given to opposition NCP workers in their own constituencies. If we take the example of Western Maharashtra, Shahajibapu Patil from Sangola in Sangola in Solapur district and Mahesh Shinde from Koregaon in Satara district have expressed their discontent many times in public programs. This has caused quite a stir. Despite being the prime minister of our party, these MLAs have expressed the feeling that this government is not ours. In this series, the name of Khanapur-Atpadi MLA Anil Babar has been added as the third MLA.

Anil Babar, MLA from the Khanapur-Atpadi constituency has represented the people three times to date. He has more power in this constituency than the party. This makes his group more important than the match. Although Shiv Sena nominated him in the 2019 election, it is an open secret that his victory was by his own strength. However, in the past two and a half years, the party has not been able to gain any support from the party in the past two and a half years, even after winning the election. There is no funding, development work is stalled, and most importantly, no meeting with the Chief Minister. Because of this concern, he recently homered the Mahavikas Aghadi.

Tikastra in the presence of ministers

He fired on the government in the presence of Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde and State Minister Shambhuraje Desai at a farmers’ meeting organized by Shiv Sena in Atpadi. He said: ‘Even when the government comes, things are not going well. We are not asking for ministry, power. I have a reasonable expectation that things should be done, at least after listening to us. But this expectation is falling short. On the contrary, other parties in power are using force against us. being harassed The question is whether this government will survive this way, whether Shiv Sena will survive with this pair.

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