SBI General Insurance employee misbehaved with alcohol in Punjab / Hotel bathroom

Embarrassing incident took place at Hotel Sarovar Portico near BSF Chowk at around 10 pm on Monday night

After much debate in the police station, news of both parties agreeing, no official confirmation

Jalandhar. SBI General Insurance, the insurance business partner of Bank State Bank of India, found it expensive to party at a hotel in the BSF Chowk area when an invitee from his company forcefully barged a girl into the Ladies bathroom of the hotel. Tightened the bar. The incident took place at the Hotel Sarovar Portico when the girl complained to her family members of the family party about the drunken condition in an almost drunken state.

The incident is reported to be around 10 pm on Monday night. The family members of the girl protested against the embarrassing incident of the drunken youth with the hotel managers, but the hotel managers tried to settle the incident on the spot anyway.

This victim family, victimized by this attitude adopted by the hotel authorities, called the police on the spot and the atmosphere became embarrassingly tense. Police of Baradari police station reached the spot, Rohit Mattoo, a member of the accused SBI General Life Insurance, was immediately put in a jeep and taken to the police station. After a long debate in the police station, there is also news of agreement between the two parties.

The girl’s relatives and relatives have blamed the hotel security managers for the incident and accused the hotel managers of not accompanying them on the spot. Meanwhile, GM Rohit Kumar of the hotel tried to know the side several times through manager Prafulla, but neither GM Rohit made a call nor came and kept his side. No statement has been issued by the Hotel Sarovar Portico to any of the managers nor owners.

Jalandhar branch head of SBI General Insurance, Bhubaneswar Dwivedi, did not put his side until the news was written after being contacted in this regard, but he admitted during the conversation that his company member Rohit Mattoo had a great drink in this party Had happened. This led to his mistake, but did not officially make a statement.

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