Sanjay Biyani’s Murder Finally Solved After Two Months; six arrested

Sanjay Biyani’s Murder Finally Solved After Two Months; six arrested

Police on Tuesday arrested six people involved in a plot to assassinate Sanjay Biyani.

According to the police, the defendants were located after contacting four countries and seven states.

Nanded : Police on Tuesday night arrested six people involved in the conspiracy to assassinate famous builder Sanjay Biyani. Police had been corresponding with as many as four countries in the case, while the accused were being wanted in seven states, special deputy inspector general of police Nisar Tamboli said at a news conference here on Wednesday.

In the investigation of this crime, attempts were made to divert the police investigation in various ways; But the police overcame all this and finally arrested six people.

Police arrested Inderpal Singh aka Sunny Tiratsingh Major, Mukteshwar aka Golu Vijay Manganale, Satnam Singh aka Sana Dalbir Singh Shergill, Hardeep Singh aka Sonu Pinipana Satnam Singh Wajwa, Gurmukh Singh aka Gurjit Sehwasingh Gill from Nanded area on Tuesday. They are all accused of conspiring to assassinate Sanjay Biyani. The defendants appeared in court on Wednesday morning. The court kept him in police custody for ten days.

There was a lot of political pressure on the police to speed up the investigation. MP Pratap Patil Chikhlikar, on the other hand, accused the police of shaking hands with the accused at a public meeting. However, the Nanded police could not investigate the matter because it was riddled with corruption, so the investigation should be handed over to the Central Investigation Agency, he said. The MPs also made the demand in a statement to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Union Home Minister Amit Shah; But Guardians Minister Ashok Chavan and senior police officials insisted we would take up the matter. Despite the tremendous pressure put on the police and attempts to mislead the investigation through various means, the police achieved great success by conducting the investigations with great calm, restraint and proper direction.

what case?

Builder Sanjay Biyani was shot dead by two assailants outside his home in Shardanagar on April 5 at around 10am. The entire state, including Nanded, was shocked after the murder. Political and social pressure was growing on the police to speed up the investigation and arrest the real culprits. The police launched an investigation into the case after it came to light that Harivadar Singh Sandhu alias Rinda, a notorious member of the Khalistani Babbar Khalsa terrorist organization, was involved in the case. A special investigation team headed by Additional Superintendent of Police Vijay Kabade was set up to search for the accused. The squad consisted of 30 officers and 60 employees. Different squads were formed and sent to different states. After the days of the murder, the police had a great success.

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