Russian citizen found safe amid reports of missing people in India GRP trapped…

Russian citizen in India: After the mysterious death of two people, including a Russian MP in India, there was news of the disappearance of another Russian national. This incident is from Odisha, where there was an uproar over the disappearance of a Russian person. Now the news has come that the person who was said to be missing has been found.

Andrew Glagolev, a citizen of Russia, who was present in a market area near the Bhubaneswar railway station, is now in the custody of the Government Railway Police (GRP). An official from Odisha gave information about it. The official said Andrew Glagolev was a self-proclaimed activist against the Ukrainian war. After the mysterious deaths of two Russians, including an anti-Putin Russian MP in Odisha, there were reports of the disappearance of Andrew Glagolev, which caused a sensation in the state.

Russian citizen found after missing reports

Andrew Glagolev, who is reportedly missing, was earlier seen holding banners with anti-war and anti-Putin slogans in the capital of Odisha. Almost a month ago a man at Bhubaneswar railway station put up a banner with the lines “I am a Russian refugee, I am against the war, I am against Putin, I am homeless, please help me.” . That person is said to have been Andrew Glagolev.

Suspicious death of Russian parliamentarian in hotel

Jaidev Biswajit, in charge of Bhubaneshwar GRP, said that his (Andrew Glagolev) visa has expired and he has applied for asylum in India to the United Nations. At the same time, news also came that he was seen to be upset with the Russian government’s decision to attack Ukraine. Prior to that, a Russian parliamentarian (Pavel Antov), ​​who was critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died suspiciously in an Odisha hotel.

The Russian man lived in Puri for 3 months.

According to the police, the foreigner, who has been tracked down after reports of his disappearance, had been in Odisha for the past three months and was living in Puri. He is also a critic of Putin. An official said that he was currently present in a market area near the Bhubaneswar railway station and is now with the Government Railway Police (GRP).

Seek refuge in India

According to the official, the Russian says he has applied to the Government of India for asylum through the United Nations, which is under consideration. He has shown some documents to the police about his visa, passport and asylum application. The police are checking his documents and his intention.

Jaidev Biswajeet, the Inspector-in-Charge of the Bhubaneswar Government Railway Police Station, said: “After checking the documents, we can tell if your stay is legal or illegal. Our experts will review your documents. We have informed higher authorities about the matter.”

‘There is no threat to him so far’

Inspector Jaidev also said that he had a small bag with some groceries and documents. He said: “So far we have not seen any danger in Andrew.” He himself is now with the police.

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