“Rohit Pawar and his grandfather wrote the law?”

“Rohit Pawar and his grandfather wrote the law?”

Gopichand Padalkar prevented police from going to Chondi, supporters fight on the way

Gopichand Padalkar prevented police from going to Chondi, supporters fight on the way

Several programs have been organized on the occasion of Ahilya Devi’s birth anniversary in Chondi, the birthplace of Ahilya Devi Holkar. The chairman of the NCP, MP Sharad Pawar, is present at this moment after a long time. He has been invited by Rohit Pawar, MLA from Karjat-Jamkhed constituency. Meanwhile, BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar’s Ahilya Devi Jagar Yatra will conclude at this time. However, police have arrested Gopichand Padalkar and Sadabhau Khot, leading to clashes between supporters and police in the streets.

Since Pawar and Padalkar were meeting in the same place, it was a sign that conflict was inevitable. As the Sharad Pawar meeting will take place at the site, the police stopped the convoy of Gopichand Padalkar and Sadabhau Khot at the Chondi gate to prevent clashes. As a result, Gopichand Padalkar’s followers are angry and are arguing with the police.

Sharad Pawar and Gopichand Padalkar on the same day; Signs of political conflict

Let’s go, let’s take Ahilya Devi’s darshan, let’s bow there. Why are we being obstructed? That is what Gopichand Padalkar ABP said while he was talking to me. “I have delivered the letter on the 29th. The law says that the one who has the first letter is allowed. Rohit Pawar, what law did his grandfather write?” Gopichand Padalkar asked.

“This is not a political event, either”; Warning to the opposition on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Ahilya Devi

“There has never been a jubilee in the name of the PNC before. It was an all-inclusive celebration. Why didn’t Rohit Pawar and his grandfather see Chundi earlier? Why didn’t you come to Jayanti? Why didn’t you come here for darshan? “Now you want to do politics and attack you at the crossroads where our energy has been created. We want to explain our history to you. Why did Sharad Pawar and his grandson stop the show?”, asked Padalkar.

“Has this happened in Maharashtra before? The PNC leaders will have to atone for this,” Padalkar warned.

Asked why he thinks they are holding him back, he said: “We have managed to pierce their veil in the last two years. Now they are taking care of their children and grandchildren. The following people want to add them. It is time for them to show that we are doing something. for this great man. It’s time for them to say in old age that I’m a Hindu. I have to say I’m going to Hanuman Temple and crack the bogeyman of my political propaganda. What a terrible time.”

“It just came to our attention then. If the masses are visible, why did you stop me? These people brought by employment, party people are present there,” Padalkar said.

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