Rishabh Pant Health Update Plastic Surgery Performed Nitish Rana came to meet…

Rishabh Pants Health Update: Good news has come out for the fans of Rishabh Pant, the goaltender batsman of the Indian cricket team. Umesh Kumar, a family friend of MLA and Rishabh Pant, reported that the cut on Pant’s forehead has undergone plastic surgery. At the same time, he has also become the first dressing room of him. According to him, there is no need to be flown somewhere.

According to Umesh Kumar, Pant’s external injury will recover soon. At the same time, a decision will be made soon for the recovery of the ligament. Report that Rishabh Pant is admitted to Max Hospital, Dehradun.

Nitish Rana cricketer came to meet

A wonderful image has emerged from the hospital. Seeing this image has gone viral on social media. In this photo Pant’s sister Sakshi Pant, mother Saroj Pant along with cricketer Nitish Rana and family members are there.

Looking at this photo and the happiness of the family members, it seems that Pant’s condition is fine now. Earlier, Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) director Shyam Sharma had arrived at the Max Hospital in Dehradun to meet Pant. He also said there is no need to airlift Pant at this time.

According to Shyam Sharma, Pant said that his accident was not due to a nap, but rather a pothole. Shyam Sharma revealed this to the news agency. When Shyam Sharma was asked about Pant’s accident, he said while speaking that Pant said, “It was night. There was some well, in the process of saving it, this accident happened.

Trouser injured in traffic accident

FYI, we tell you that after reaching Delhi from Dubai, Rishabh Pant was on her way to her home in Roorkee to surprise her mother in her car. She wanted to celebrate the new year with her family. However, to avoid the hole in the road, her car jumped over the divider and then burned out. Pant was seriously injured in this accident.


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