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Amravathi An investigative committee of a Nagpur-based organization concluded that last month’s riots in Achalpur were deliberately carried out by a particular community, but in doing so the committee reacted by ignoring neo-Hindu politics and similar issues and the report it is one-sided.

To find out the cause of the communal riots in Achalpur and other parts of Amravati, Maitri Parivar in Nagpur asked senior journalist Dr. An investigative committee headed by Uday Nirgudkar published its report on Monday. The committee consisted of former judge Meera Khadakkar, former deputy police commissioner Anil Bobade, senior journalist Gajanan Janbhor and Praveen Mudholkar. The committee visited Achalpur and met with the people and learned their views.

The committee has recommended the elimination of invasions in Achalpur, the immediate activation of CCTV, the arrest of criminals breaking the chain of sale and distribution of narcotics, restricting the movement of outsiders in Achalpur and identifying them. Experts are surprised that this committee’s report blames a single community. It is also alleged that the committee was sponsored by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Around the city of Achalpur, there are fortified structures like a fort and four gates. The Archaeological Department is responsible for the maintenance of these structures. One of the bride and groom argued about putting a flag on the door. The question is why it is not allowed to display flags on protected structures. A BJP leader raised the flag, another group objected and the fight began. This raises the question of what the police intelligence system was doing.

Although the Truth and Reconciliation Committee has noted that Hindus are migrating from the city of Achalpur, the committee has not been able to present the exact number of people who have migrated. The number of people belonging to the minority community is significant among the fruit and vegetable vendors and junk dealers. The lack of education in this community, therefore, has been a constant obstacle in the process of social reform. But a handful of troublemakers say it’s unfair to put the entire community in the cage of the accused. Experts have also expressed surprise that the Truth and Reconciliation Committee has not recorded any opinion on voting politics and voting polarization. The twin city of Achalpur-Paratwada is considered ethnically sensitive.

The city has experienced many small and large riots before. However, this does not indicate a permanent break between the two communities. The repercussions of an immediate event are such that the crowd turns violent.

It is not correct to blame a single community for the riots. A party is trying to burn its political nest through this riot. Few people on either side are responsible for the riots. An attempt is being made to benefit a party from the polarization of votes. – Bablu Deshmukh, District President, Congress.

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