Review meeting conducted by Jayant Patil against the backdrop

Review meeting conducted by Jayant Patil against the backdrop of the monsoon; Flood control tips, he said.

He also said that he would discuss the matter with the Karnataka Minister of Water Resources.

Water Resources Minister Jayantrao Patil suggested today that all departments including revenue, police and water resources should coordinate with each other when planning for flooding in the upcoming monsoon season.

Water Resources Minister Jayantrao Patil interacted today (Wednesday) with Divisional Commissioners, District Collectors and Department of Water Resources officials to review measures taken and measures to be taken for potential flood control. Secretary Vilas Rajput, Deputy Secretary and Chief Engineer Atul Kapole were present on the occasion.

It monitors the water that enters the reservoir of the dam and the discharge that is being made –

Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil said the water entering the dam’s reservoir and discharge must be constantly monitored. Information on the amount of water to be released from the dam must be continuously provided to various departments. If there is heavy rain in a short period of time and suddenly there is a need to discharge more water from the dam, it should be properly reported. He said that in case of flooding, people in flood-affected areas should be evacuated to safer places. Preventive measures should be taken in areas prone to frequent flooding. The Minister of Water Resources, Jayantrao Patil, also ordered to stay in contact with the competent authorities in the districts where there are interstate problems.

Mud removal from rivers and streams should be completed.

Also, heavy rains in Vidarbha cause severe flooding in the area. All options must be implemented to control this flooding. Jayant Patil also suggested that the work of removing sediment from rivers and nallas should be completed, keep in touch with neighboring states and monitor the planning of dam water there.

To discuss Almatti Dam with Karnataka Minister of Water Resources –

Special attention should be paid to Almatti dam water to control the total flood situation in western Maharashtra. Accordingly, we will discuss this with the Minister of Water Resources of Karnataka, said Minister Jayant Patil. Jayant Patil also assured that the system in Sangli district is ready for flood control and precautionary measures will be taken after seeing the rain forecast.

In addition, a large number of landslides occurred in the Koyna area last year. Jayant Patil also told officials that care must be taken to avoid landslides this year.

Sanjay Meena, Gadchiroli District Collector, Nayana Gunde, Gondia District Collector, Sandeep Kadam, Bhandara District Collector, Prerna Deshbhratar, Wardha District Collector, Rahul Rekhawar, Kolhapur District Collector, and Shekhar Singh, Collector from the Satara district, were present at the meeting.

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