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Will this happen in Maharashtra after the High Court authorizes Madhya Pradesh to hold elections with the reservation of the OBC? And when will it happen? Discussions have started on this. The BJP opposition has been criticizing the state government in this regard, while state government minister Chhagan Bhujbal has played a major role in this regard. Chhagan Bhujbal has clarified that the data will be presented by the commission appointed by the state government within the next month and the elections will be held with reservations.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government in Madhya Pradesh has received relief from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has allowed the holding of local body elections in the state with reservation of the OBC. At the same time, the court has clarified that the reserve must not exceed 50 percent. Previously, the high court had ordered that the elections be held without reservations from the OBC. Following this, the Shivraj government had filed a review petition with the court. The court has ruled on this.

“It is gratifying that the Supreme Court has allowed the Madhya Pradesh government to hold elections with the reservation of the OBC. This decision of the Supreme Court applied to the entire country. It appointed a commission but its report was rejected by the court. Instructed to hold elections in 15 days. Same thing happened in Madhya Pradesh. But Madhya Pradesh govt submitted commission report to court. Tushar Mehta, Attorney General, Government of India, fought for the fort for 2-3 days on behalf of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. They were finally approved. The Supreme Court has ruled that up to 50 per cent reserve should be granted with OBC,” Bhujbal said.

OBC Reserve: High Court green light for local elections in Madhya Pradesh

“Every step that the state government takes is worth it”

“Every step taken by the Maharashtra government so far has been correct. We have received the report prepared by the commission appointed by the Madhya Pradesh government. If there is any deficiency in it, you will get this report within one month to remedy it. Then you too will be able to hold elections with OBC reservation. Once you find yourself in a legal dilemma, you need to take some steps quietly. That’s how you put it. This decision of the Supreme Court will apply to the whole country. That means also it will apply to you. In other words, it has been shown that the elections will be held in Maharashtra with the reservation of the OBC,” said Chhagan Bhujbal.

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