Request to CM for a meeting of all the parties to carry out a wise census of castes…

Jayant Patil will request the Chief Minister to hold an all-party meeting to conduct a caste census

A caste census is required and so is the role of the PNC.

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A caste census is required and this is the demand of the NCP. Therefore, NCP State Chairman and Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil has advised that he will request Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to hold an all-party meeting on behalf of the party.

The National Chairman of the NCP, the Honorable Sharad Pawar, today hosted a review meeting of ministers, parliamentarians and prominent leaders at Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan. Following this meeting, Jayant Patil interacted with the media.
Sharad Pawar holds such meetings from time to time to discuss problems in the state. All issues in the state were discussed at the meeting. He also discussed the Rajya Sabha elections, Legislative Council elections and local body elections, Jayant Patil said.

They will decide the last day for the withdrawal of the application:

All NCP ministers are taking over the Janata Darbar party headquarters. The work of solving people’s problems is in full swing. Jayant Patil also said that people’s problems are being resolved even after visiting the districts. BJP has put forward a third candidate for Rajya Sabha. So there is the possibility of a horse market. The BJP is sure that the horse market should not be expected. Jayant Patil also said that he would make a decision on the last day of withdrawal of applications.

The three parties have a great development front, so we will fight the elections together. Voting ends June 10. So there is plenty of time, said Jayant Patil.

Website title: Jayant patil will request the prime minister to hold an all-party meeting to conduct a caste wise census.

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