Reena of Farrukhabad was doing job in Prayagraj in the name of Anamika (revealed)

Another revelation in the ABP Ganga investigation is that only the documents of Anamika Shukla were used in Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya in Prayagraj. Here Reena Singh of Farrukhabad district, not Anamika herself, was working.

Prayagraj, Mohammed Moin. A shocking case has surfaced about Anamika Shukla, who has become an enigma for the Education Department in Uttar Pradesh. ABP Ganga has got educational documents of Anamika Shukla. These documents have become public for the first time and ABP Ganga Channel has been exclusive. It is clear from these documents that 28-year-old Anamika has always been a promising student. He has got first division marks in qualifying examination from tenth to B.Ed and TET.

Another revelation in the ABP Ganga investigation is that only the documents of Anamika Shukla were used in Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya in Prayagraj. Here Reena Singh of Farrukhabad district, not Anamika herself, was working. However, Reena, who worked in the name of Anamika in Prayagraj, was not paid a single penny here.

In our investigation, the Department of Education has shown great negligence in this matter. Whatever educational documents were put in the name of Anamika during the verification, the photos in all of them were blurred. Despite this, the appointment letter was issued to him without going through the history of the so-called Anamika, selected for the post of science teacher, whose department today has to bear the brunt. The department has become so entangled in mathematics named Anamika that it is no longer going to answer it anywhere. ABP Ganga also has an exclusive photo of Reena Singh, who works in the name of Anamika Shukla.

According to the exclusive copy of the educational documents of Anamika, ABP Ganga had passed the examination of class X and XII from the UP board. According to the documents, Anamika was born on 20 January 1992. She is a resident of Gonda and her father’s name is Subhash Chandra Shukla and mother’s name is Sushma Shukla. According to the documents found, Anamika passed the examination of Tenth with First Division Honors in 2007. She had studied from Balika Inter College located in Railway Colony of Gonda district and her roll number was 1933977. In 5 out of 6 subjects of the tenth, he got more than 75 percent number of dictation. Similarly, he passed the examination of class XII from the UP Board with SMJSIC in Gonda district. This college is located in Paraspur area of ​​Gonda. He also passed the examination of XII with First Division Honors.

Anamika passed the B.Sc Examination First Division from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University in Faizabad district in the year 2012. She studied B.Sc from Raghukul Mahila Vidyapeeth Degree College in Civil Lines area of ​​Gonda, associated with this university. Anamika did her BEd in the year 2014 from Faizbaaz’s Lohia Awadh University. He got first division marks both in B.Ed’s theory and practical. She did her B.Ed from Adarsh ​​Kanya Postgraduate College in Jiapur Barua area of ​​Tanda Tehsil of Ambedkar Nagar district run by this university. Anamika qualified the UP TET in the year 2015.

In Prayagraj, an appointment was made in Kasturba Balika Residential School in Soraon Tehsil of the district in the name of Anamika Shukla on November 29 in 2019. The woman coming for appointment had told her name Anamika Shukla and had her documents verified. Last week, when the fraud in Anamika’s case began to be revealed, there was an investigation in Prayagraj as well. It is clear in the investigation that an appointment has been made here in the name of Anamika. A full-timer science teacher was appointed in Kasturba Vidyalaya of Soraon block in the name of Anamika. The alleged Anamika lived in this residential girl school. According to the contract, the alleged Anamika was to receive an allowance of Rs 22 per month in lieu of service.

In the investigation conducted by the Education Department in Prayagraj, it became clear that Reena Singh, a resident of Kayamganj area of ​​Farrukhabad district, used to work here, not in her name. Reena’s father’s name is Chandrabhan Singh. Reena came here as an Anamika Shukla and during this time documents of Anamika were put up. According to Arti Singh, the acting warden of Kasturba Vidyalaya, Anamika had shown the original documents along with the photo copy.

Due to no difference in the original certificate and mark sheet and his photo copy, he was given the appointment letter only on 29 November. She was constantly staying here and also working. Reena had applied all the educational certificates to Anamika, but had submitted her residence certificate. However, in this, instead of Reena and her father Chandrabhan, Anamika Shukla and her father Subhash Shukla were written.

However, on the complaint of Basic Education Officer Sanjay Kushwaha of the district, Prayagraj police has filed a report of forgery after finding irregularities in the name of Anamika. A case has been filed in the name of the alleged anamika in the Colonelganj Kotwali of the city. Prayagraj’s SSP Satyarth Anirudh Pankaj says that investigation has been started in this case and soon further action will be taken based on the investigation report.

According to BSA Sanjay Kushwaha, the process of sacking Anamika Shukla from Kasturba school in Prayagraj has been started. It is just a matter of relief that the alleged Anamika Shukla alias Reena Singh was not given a single month’s salary from Prayagraj. He spent two months in opening the bank account and after that he was discharged in school due to lockdown.

By the way, the Department of Education has shown great negligence in this matter. Actually, there was negligence in document verification at all places. A list of teachers and staff has been posted in Kasturba Vidyalaya in Prayagraj, there is no name of Anamika in it. According to the school’s warden Aarti Singh, this list is old and Anamika aka Reena joined after the listing. However, the truth can be brought to the fore by locating the real ring finger on the basis of the documents of the handwritten Anamika Shukla with ABP Ganga.

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