Rajyasabha’s election: Imran Pratapgadhi’s candidacy for Congress; …

Rajyasabha Election: Candidate for Congress for Imran Pratapgadhi; The tradition of sending a leader from another state to the Rajya Sabha continues

The Congress continued the tradition of sending leaders from outside Maharashtra to the Rajya Sabha.

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mumbai : Congress Announces Minority Chief Imran Pratapgadhi’s Candidacy for State Rajya Sabha Seat Congress continued the tradition of sending leaders from outside Maharashtra to the Rajya Sabha.

In Rajya Sabha elections in the state, a candidate for Congress can be elected on the basis of his strength. The party has put forward the incumbent MP P. Chidambaram was nominated in Tamil Nadu. Imran Pratapgadi, a Kavali singer from Maharashtra and considered close to Priyanka Gandhi, has been nominated. When Pratapgadhi’s candidacy was finalized on Sunday morning, Congress leaders in the state demanded another candidate in Delhi. Minority section leaders in particular opposed fielding minority candidates from out of state. But the party leadership, as usual, ignored the demands of congressional leaders in the state and imposed an outside candidate. Mukul Wasnik was proposed to be nominated by the state. But Wasnik received the nomination from Rajasthan as Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot opposed Imran Pratapgadhi’s nomination. Instead, the Congress faction said Pratapgadhi was nominated by the state.

The party has not announced the names of Gulamanbi Azad and Anand Sharma of the G-23 rebel group on the first list. Rajiv Shukla, who is trying to get back into the Rajya Sabha from the state through a large industrialist, received the nomination from Chhattisgarh.

The tradition of the external candidate continues

Congress has so far introduced Vishwajeet Singh and Rajiv Shukla, (twice each) p. Chidambaram and Gulamanbi Azad have been posted to the Rajya Sabha from out of state. BJP is also in Kerala. Muralitharan was posted to the Rajya Sabha from the state in 2018.

Opportunity for loyal Sonia and Rahul

* After the BJP, the Congress also announced the names of 10 candidates for the Rajya Sabha elections. Jairam Ramesh, a confidant of party chairwoman Sonia Gandhi, has been re-nominated by Karnataka. Rahul Gandhi loyalists Ajay Maken and Randeep Surjewala have been nominated by Haryana and Rajasthan, respectively. * Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has been nominated by Tamil Nadu and the DMK had agreed to give one of its quota seats to Congress. Chidambaram’s six-year term is coming to an end and he has been elected to the Maharashtra Rajya Sabha. Congress Secretary-General Mukul Wasnik and veteran Pramod Tiwari also received Rajya Sabha seats from Rajasthan. Vivek Tankha from Madhya Pradesh may return to Rajya Sabha. Rajiv Shukla and Ranjit Ranjan have been nominated from Chhattisgarh. Ranjit Rajan was a member of Congress in the last Lok Sabha.

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