Rajya Sabha Election: Shiv Sena Tension Rises Due To BJP’s ‘Ya’ Game; …

Rajya Sabha Election: Shiv Sena Tension Rises Due To BJP’s ‘Ya’ Game; Choosing another candidate was a challenge

Refusing to support Sambhaji Raje of Kolhapur, Shiv Sena declared his candidacy for Sanjay Pawar of Kolhapur.

BJP announces third candidate late at night (file photo)

For the Rajya Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have come up with a strategy to embarrass the Aghadi Mahavikas and especially the Shiv Sena. BJP met on Sunday with Union Trade Minister Piyush Goyal, former Agriculture Minister Dr. Anil Bonde and former Kolhapur MP Dhananjay Mahadik. Dr. By presenting Bonde as their candidate, the BJP has tried to court other backward classes (OBCs) who are angry about the cancellation of the political reservation. Also, the third candidate put forward by BJP is likely to surprise Shiv Sena, who is trying to get the second candidate elected thanks to independent candidates. With BJP fielding a third candidate, Shiv Sena will be challenged to field a second candidate.

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Whose mandate is coming to an end?
Along with BJP’s Goyal, Dr. Vinay Sahastrabuddhe and Dr. Vikas Mahatme, these three MPs are retiring. Goyal got a third chance in the Rajya Sabha. Sahasrabuddha and Dr. Mahatma has not been re-nominated by BJP. Of these, Dr. Sahastrabuddhe is the chairman of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. This will perpetuate her position in New Delhi political circles.

What does Bonde’s candidacy mean?
BJP has fielded former MLA from Morshi in Amravati district for the second seat. Anil Bonde has been nominated. Dr. Bonde was elected as an independent in 2009 and BJP in 2014. He was defeated in the 2019 assembly elections. He is the chairman of the agriculture department of the BJP. Dr. with such an aggressive image. Bonde has been aggressively speaking out against the Mahavikas Aghadi government in the state for the past two years. He is considered close to former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Dr Kunbi community. BJP has used the card of the OBC community when introducing Bonde.

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Kolhapur candidacy connection
Last night, the BJP announced the name of former Kolhapur MP Dhananjay Mahadik for the third seat. Refusing to support Sambhaji Raje of Kolhapur, Shiv Sena declared his candidacy for Sanjay Pawar of Kolhapur. That is why BJP has put forward former Kolhapur MP Dhananjay Mahadik as the third candidate. 41.01 first preference votes are required for victory. The BJP has 106 MLAs and the party has an additional 22 votes.

Hope of victory thanks to the strength of the independents
The BJP claims to have the support of eight independent MLAs. The third BJP candidate needs 12 votes to win. The BJP insists on matching votes based on the votes of independent or smaller parties. Due to the third BJP candidate, Shiv Sena faces the challenge of choosing another candidate. Because the entire Madar of the second Shiv Sena candidate depends on the additional votes of himself and the NCP, as well as the independents. If the opinion of the independents goes to the BJP, the future of the Shiv Sena’s second candidate will be complicated.

Patel will present his nomination today
NCP spokesman Praful Patel will file his nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha elections on Monday at 12 noon, party spokesman Mahesh Tapase said. All the ministers and leaders of the PNC will be present on this occasion.

Important candidates from other states
Elections for 57 Rajya Sabha seats will be held on June 10. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been re-nominated by Karnataka. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of 11 vacancies. Although Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s term is coming to an end, Naqvi is not included in the list published on Sunday. Also, Rajya Sabha candidate Shiv Pratap Shukla is not on the list of six candidates.

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