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farmers got cheated

Rajasthan / 4 lakh farmers could not get insurance cover even after 8 months



  • Tieup of companies to provide cover of 10 lakhs to companies
  • Now the government department is engaged in appointing a consultant

Jaipur. Due to the delay in the loan disbursement of cooperative banks for Kharif in the state, 4 lakh new indebted farmers could not get the benefit of insurance cover. The government also provides insurance cover to farmers to distribute crop loans every year. The current year came to an end.
 By now the process of giving insurance cover to the farmers for the next year should have started, but the government has not yet provided the current year’s insurance cover to the farmers. Apart from giving crop loans to farmers, the government ties up the insurance company every year to give them an accident and life cover of up to Rs 10 lakh. But this time due to the delay in loan disbursement of Kharif, the government could not tie up with any insurance company. 

The company is selected at the level of Apex Cooperative Bank
The previous Vasundhara government had started a scheme to provide accidental and life cover of 10 lakh rupees to farmers who took crop loans from cooperative banks. In this scheme, the insurance premium was deducted from the loan amount of the farmers. But this time the government has not been able to prepare any insurance company to insure the farmers. The insurance company is selected at the level of the Apex Cooperative Bank to insure the farmers.

After September, the bank made two open tenders but no insurance company came. In such a situation, the bank has now started the process of appointing an advisor to look after the insurance work. Inder Singh says that Apex Bank will provide insurance cover to farmers before December 15 by selecting an insurance company.

Inder Singh, MD, Apex Bank
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