Prompt decision on compulsion to mask; State cabinet on the corona outbreak…

Prompt decision on compulsion to mask; Concerns at the state cabinet meeting about the corona outbreak

Coronary heart disease is on the rise again in the state, with a seven-fold increase in the number of cases in the last month and a half.

C : Corona infection is on the rise again in the state and concerns were raised at the cabinet meeting on Monday about the daily outbreak in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Raigad and Palghar districts. As a precautionary measure, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray told a meeting that a decision would be made after discussions with the Corona Control Action Group on re-imposing the mask ban.

Coronary heart disease is on the rise again in the state, with a seven-fold increase in the number of cases in the last month and a half. Especially in the Mumbai metropolitan region, the number of daily casualties is increasing rapidly. At a state cabinet meeting, Health Department Additional Chief Secretary Pradip Vyas, presenting the situation in the state, warned that the situation was getting dire. In the last week, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Palghar and Raigad districts have witnessed an increase of 135.66 percent. The state’s weekly outage rate is 4.71, followed by Mumbai’s 8.82, Palghar’s 4.92 and Pune’s 4.39. Daily outbreaks in urban areas, especially in the Mumbai metropolitan area, are said to be more dangerous.

The Chief Minister last week reviewed the Corona situation and appealed to people to wear the mask. However, there has not been much response from the public. The Chief Minister told a cabinet meeting that the situation would be taken into consideration and a decision on the implementation of the ban would be made after further discussion with the expert action group. Therefore, the state is likely to announce the ban soon.

Triple increase in a week

In the last week of May, between 400 and 500 daily patients were registered in the state. On June 5, 1494, new cases of corona were found in the state. It was reported at the cabinet meeting that the daily increase in the number of patients has tripled during the week. Mumbai alone accounted for 67 percent. The number of weekly new patients in five districts, namely Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Palghar and Raigad, increased from 2,992 to 7,051.

1036 new patients in the state

A total of 1,036 corona cases were found in the state on Monday, with no deaths reported. During the day, 374 patients in the state became tax free. Currently 7 thousand 429 patients are in treatment in the state. The number of daily corona patients in the state had reached fifteen hundred on Sunday.

Concessions for non-conventional energy projects

The state cabinet also approved a 10-year waiver of electricity charges for captive unconventional power projects and the construction of solar power projects on land not used by state government corporations.

A decision was made at the cabinet meeting on May 11, 2022 to grant a one-year extension for the operation of 418 MW capacity projects registered with Mahaurja. Consequently, the State Cabinet approved modifying the incentive provisions in the Non-Conventional Energy Generation Policy 2020. It was also approved to implement the Non-Conventional Energy Policy 2020 by March 31, 2027. The exemption from the collection of electricity during the first 10 years from the start of the project if the industries install solar, wind, urban and industrial power generation with solid waste and power generation based on sugar cane chips for self-consumption. The cabinet also decided to exempt the non-agricultural tax for solar and wind power projects. Of the total unconventional power consumption, which is binding for power distribution companies in the state, 50 percent of the power will be compulsory from unconventional power plants in Maharashtra. To do this, the Cabinet approved submitting a petition to the Electricity Regulatory Commission through Mahaurja.

Solar power projects will be installed on vacant land owned by agricultural corporations and universities.

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