Prison officer’s daughter beats up “Miss India…

Prison agent’s daughter wins ‘Miss India Global’ award at the age of 18!

The father, originally from Beed, is currently an officer at Aadharwadi prison in Kalyan.

Sawant won the Miss India Global award for her role as Beed in a competition hosted by Teletica at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Her father, originally from Beed, is currently an officer at Aadharwadi Prison in Kalyan. Due to her father’s work, she currently lives in Kalyan. Now that he is in Beed, he appreciates her from all levels.

He received the award at the age of eighteen. While she concentrated on studying, the gym, grooming, diet sessions, the role was preparing for the competition. The role was played as a Miss Maharashtra pageant in Vashi. Out of the other 24 contestants, 12 young women were shortlisted for the Miss India Global award.

Under this award, the role of Miss Eco Tourism Nigeria has been confirmed. After her success, her parents are delighted. Meanwhile, Pratibha Sangle, known as a khaki beauty, especially complimented her role. Pratibha Sangle is working in the Beed Police Force and won the Miss Maharashtra award. In the past, women’s boundaries in rural areas were limited to children and grandchildren. But now that we’re seeing talent coming from rural areas, it’s safe to say they’re not far behind.

I want to represent India internationally – Rol Sawant

“I have been fascinated with dance and modeling since I was a child. But as everyone knows how difficult life is as a police officer. Police officers don’t pay much attention to their children due to their busy schedule. But regardless this, my parents gave me a lot of support and that’s why I’m going so forward. I thank them very much for this. My only goal now is to represent India internationally and I will definitely do it.” The role in such words has provoked a reaction from the media.

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