Pre-monsoon rains hit the state; Damage to orchards in many places, including Konkan; seasonal…

Pune – While the progress of the southwest monsoon is in progress, the pre-monsoon rains are hitting Maharashtra. Heavy rain hit many parts of western Maharashtra, Vidarbha, Marathwada and Konkan on Friday (May 20). As a result, orchards were damaged in some areas. The rains are expected to subside from Saturday. Meanwhile, the monsoon rains continue to move south, now reaching the Arabian Sea and just off the coast of Sri Lanka.

It is currently raining in different parts of the country as the monsoon winds start to travel. Steamy winds from the Bay of Bengal are bringing heavy rain to northeastern states. The effect of these winds is also felt in Maharashtra. As a result, there have been more or less pre-monsoon showers in various parts of the state for the past two days. Along with the Bay of Bengal, steamy winds also blow inland from the Arabian Sea. Therefore, mainly in western Maharashtra and Konkan, there are rains with strong winds.

It is likely to rain in Konkan and central Maharashtra in the next two to three days. After entering the Andaman Islands on May 6, there was no advance of the monsoon in the south. On Friday, monsoon rains entered the South Arabian Sea, striding across the region.

Sanglit Damdar..

The southern part of central Maharashtra has been hit hard by pre-monsoon rains. In some areas, orchards were damaged, while in some places streams were flooded and water seeped into fields. The rains hit the Sangli district. Due to the drought, the fields did not produce much product this year.


Winds in the Bay of Bengal cause rain in Marathwada and Vidarbha. Heavy rain lashed the Sangli, Kolhapur and Pandharpur areas on Friday. Mahabaleshwar, Ratnagiri, Parbhani, Latur and other areas also received rain with strong winds. In Vidarbha, in some parts including Yavatmal, there was rain with gusty winds and hail in some places.

Crop damage.

  • In Pandharpur, Sosata winds coupled with rains caused severe damage to hand-picked crops such as orchards of bananas, grapes, pomegranates and sugar cane.
  • Rain was heavy in Solapur city, North and South Solapur, Pandharpur, Mohol, Akkalkot, Sangola and other areas.
  • Roads were flooded in most places. The water seeped into the fields.

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