Politics Heats Up Water From Kondhane Dam; Ex to give prey to CIDCO…

Harshad Kashaalkar

Alibag: In Raigad district, politics have once again heated up over the water from the Kondhane dam. Former MLA Suresh Lad has opposed the transfer of the dam to CIDCO. He has taken the position that the water should be delivered first to the borrowers and the rest to CIDCO. As BJP also got on the same page with NCP, there are signs that Shiv Sena is in trouble.

The construction of this dam started in 2011 in the Kondhane Chochi area on the Ulhas River. The original purpose of this dam was to solve the water problem in Karjat, Neral and the adjoining areas and to bring agriculture under irrigation. Previously, the dam was to be built by the Department of Water Resources. However, there were allegations of corruption in the dam work and the dam work was stopped. Following this, the decision to develop this dam through CIDCO was made during the mandate of the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. Now, once again, this work must be done by the Department of Water Resources, Suresh Lad said. Therefore, the Kondhane Dam has been the subject of debate once again. The Morbe Dam at the foot of Matheran was previously built through the Life Authority. The locals waited for water. However, the state government later sold the dam to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Today you see the towns at the foot of the dam fighting for water. The Pali Bhutwali Dam in Karjat taluka was also built to irrigate agricultural land. But the channels were not completed. Therefore, the purpose of the dam construction could not be achieved. The Hetwane Dam at Pentaluka was also built for irrigation. Even after the construction of the dam, the canal works have not yet been completed. The water from the dam was diverted to Navi Mumbai. Many Pen towns are struggling for water. Now, water from the proposed Baldanga and Kondhane dams in Karjat will be diverted to Navi Mumbai. This is the main reason for opposition to dam projects in the district.

BJP also has the Lad tune. The purpose for which the dam will be built. That goal must be achieved. But at the same time, the right of the locals to the water must be upheld. BJP leader Devendra Satam has taken the position that the locals should get water from the dam. Shiv Sena has not taken a clear position on this. But due to Lad’s aggressive stance, there are signs that Shiv Sena is in trouble.

Dam background..

Initially, a dam worth Rs 80.35 crore was to be built through the Department of Irrigation. Subsequently, it was decided to increase the height of the dam. As a result, the cost of the dam increased from Rs 80 crore to Rs 435 crore. Now the cost of the dam work has reached about one and a half billion rupees. Since it is not possible for the state government to assume this cost, the state government has taken on the role of carrying out the dam work through CIDCO.

We demand that what happened at the time of the Morbe dam not be repeated on the occasion of the Kondhane dam.

– Suresh Lad, former MLA, Nationalist Congress Party

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