PM Narendra Modi apologizes for arriving in Tripura more than two lakh late…

Visit of PM Narendra Modi Tripura: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Tripura on Sunday (Dec 18) after inaugurating and groundbreaking several projects in Meghalaya as part of his north-east tour. Here too PM Modi inaugurated several projects.

During this, he launched ‘Griha Pravesh’ program for more than two lakh beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (urban and rural) and said billions of crores are being spent on connectivity and infrastructure projects in Tripura. Prime Minister Modi said that the government’s focus is on the comprehensive development of Tripura and the projects undertaken will speed up the development of the state.

PM apologized to the public

While addressing the public meeting in the capital Agartala, Prime Minister Modi first apologized to the public for being late. He said: “First of all, I apologize to all of you by bowing my head that I was about two hours late in arriving. I was in Meghalaya, there the time passed a little longer and I was told that some people have been sitting since 11-12 The hardships you took and stayed to give blessings, the amount of gratitude I can express to you is less.

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‘The cleanest Tripura among small states’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi He said, “I congratulate the people of Tripura who, with the efforts of all of you, have launched a great campaign related to cleaning up here. In the last five years, he has made cleanup a mass movement. The result of this is that this time Tripura has become the cleanest state in the country among the small states.

Prime Minister Modi also surrounded the opposition from the public meeting. He said: “The opposition’s thinking is negative. The opposition spreads negativity.” PM Modi also mentioned the success achieved by the BJP in Gujarat. He said that the BJP has the vote of the tribal community in Gujarat.

‘Tripura is being discussed for development’

Prime Minister Modi said, “For decades, Tripura was ruled by a party whose ideology is no longer important. People who spread despair are walking in the opposite direction. Some people used to do opportunistic politics in Tripura. BJP is the first choice of the tribal society.Today Tripura is being discussed for development, earlier it used to be for violence.Before 2017, there used to be loot in the ration of the poor in Tripura.

The Prime Minister said, “In the past five years, the villages of Tripura have been connected by road. Tripura is developing thanks to the efforts of all of you. Today the state got its first dental college. With this, the youth of Tripura will have the opportunity to become doctors here.

Discussed the roadmap for development related to the Northeast – PM

Prime Minister Modi said, “Today I was in a meeting in Meghalaya, in this meeting we discussed the roadmap for the development related to North East including Tripura in the coming years. Aadhaar, 8 points were discussed.” He said, “Now the time has changed, today Tripura is being discussed for cleanliness, for infrastructure development, poor people are getting lakhs of houses, Discussion of him continues.

‘More than two lakh poor people are entering the house’

PM Modi said, “Today, more than two lakh poor Tripura families are moving into their new pucca houses. Most of them belong to my Tripura sisters. I congratulate all my Tripura sisters on becoming proud new house owners.” pucca.PM said Tripura is leading the way in building houses for the poor.There was a flood, there is a twin engine government in Tripura.

PM’s emphasis on making local global

The Prime Minister said, “It is the effort of the dual-engine government that the small farmers and small businessmen of Tripura get the best opportunities. Efforts are being made to make local here global. Today, pineapple from Tripura is reaching abroad “. He said: “Tripura and the northeast used to be discussed only twice before the dual engine government was formed. One, when the elections were held and second, when there was an incident of violence. Now the time has changed, today it is spoken of Tripura for cleanliness and infrastructure development.

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