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Personal photos of users leaked from Google Photos, you may also be affected



Google photos are used all over the world and it is also popular. The company has said that videos of Google photos of some users were mistakenly shared with other users.

it is possible that the personal video placed on your Google photos has been shared with another user. Google has apologized for the mistake.

But Google gave the cloud data of some people to someone else. It is possible that you too can be affected by this. Not only this, personal photos and videos also went into the hands of the unknown. Google has started alerting users.

Google Takeout is one under which backup can be downloaded from Google’s software. According to a report by 9to5Google, some technical flaws have been found in Google Takeout, due to which the photos and videos of the user were shared with others.

At the moment it is not clear what this bug was. Google has started alerting users affected by this flaw. The company has said, ‘One or more videos from Google Photos account have been affected by this issue.

However, Google has said that it has affected 0.01% of users. Significantly, only those users who have requested to takeout have been affected by this flaw. Google Photos is in crores of smartphones around the world and in this way this data also becomes very big.

A Google spokesperson told 9to5google, ‘People who have used Google Takeout to export their photos between November 21 and November 25 may be affected by this bug, we are notifying them.
Google has said that this issue has been fixed and these depth analysis has been done so that it does not happen further. According to the report, the company has also apologized for this.

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