Pawar in charge of the stalled irrigation schemes in the Solapur district; …

In addition to Pawar due to the stagnation of irrigation schemes in the district of Solapur; Order of action after criticism

While agitating in Solapur against the diversion of five TMCs of water from the Ujani Dam to Indapur and Baramati through the Lakdi-Nimbodi Irrigation Scheme, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar came to the fore.

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SOLAPUR: Agitation in Solapur against the diversion of five CCTs of water from the Ujani Dam to Indapur and Baramati through the Lakdi-Nimbodi Irrigation Scheme has been suppressed by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Pawar has ordered the administration to take action on irrigation schemes and other water-related issues in Solapur district that have been stalled for years.

Deputy Chief Minister Pawar has given orders to expand the Ashti Upsa Irrigation Scheme and provide water for agriculture to 9 villages in Mohol taluka. Also, due to low rainfall in Bhogawati Valley, Mohol, Barshi, North Solapur taluka, part of the Bhogawati river in Solapur district will be irrigated.

A meeting was held at the Ministry under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Pawar on the Sina-Bhogawati and Ashti Upsa Irrigation Scheme. Mohol MLA Yashwant Mane, Former MLA Rajan Patil, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Planning Nitin Gadre, Secretary, Department of Finance Shaila A, Secretary, Department of Water Resources Vilas Rajput were present on the occasion. In addition, Solapur District Collector Milind Shambharkar, Solapur Municipal Corporation Commissioner P. Shivshankar, Zilla Parishad CEO Dilip Swamy, Chief Engineer AT Dhumal and officials from the Department of Water Resources were present via the TV.

There is a demand to provide water for agriculture to 9 villages in Mohol taluka through the Ashti Upsa Irrigation Scheme. Sanctioned 1.55 billion cubic feet of water for the Ashti Upsa irrigation scheme by bringing water from the Ujani Left Canal to Lake Yevati. Of these, 15 villages in Mohol taluka and 2 villages in Madha taluka are in progress. Devadi, Waffle, Khandobachi Wadi, Nalbandwadi, Kombadwadi, Kuranwadi, Hiware, Wadachi Wadi, Angar are the 9 villages that need water for agriculture. With the availability of 580 million cubic feet of water under this scheme, 4,590 hectares of land in these towns will benefit from irrigation.

Due to low rainfall in Bhogawati valley, Bhogawati river will be recharged from Sina river to irrigate Mohol, Barshi, Bhogawati riparian area of ​​northern Solapur taluka in Solapur district. As Barshi taluka is a drought prone area, adequate water is required for proper planning to fill all the dams on the Bhogawati River.

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