Pankaja Munde’s grand declaration of the Legislative Council candidacy read: …

Pankaja Munde’s grand declaration of the Legislative Council bid read: “Soon…”

I do not expect any position. “I’m not inclined to wait in line for an opportunity,” Munde said.

Pankaja Munde (archived photo)

In recent days, BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s bid for the state’s Rajya Sabha seat has been debated. However, after the BJP announced the names of the two Rajya Sabha candidates, the discussion came to an end. So, will Pankaja Munde now get the nomination for the Legislative Council elections? This has caught everyone’s attention. Speaking on the occasion, Pankaja Munde said that the names are in a lot of discussions and we will see what the party decides in the near future. She was speaking at a press conference.

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Many think that Pankaja Mude should get a shot at the Legislative Council and get a ministerial post in Delhi. This has been the desire for the last two and a half years. This desire of the followers of him has intensified. When asked what he thought about it, he said: “People want me to be my strength. The names are currently under discussion. You know what the match will decide. Some are not very long. He will understand soon. Let’s see then.” Pankaja said.

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His name is under discussion by the Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Council. But the party does not give the opportunity to know exactly what is happening. Pankaja Munde was asked why he doesn’t get the chance. Speaking on the occasion, “I don’t wait for any opportunity. I don’t even look for any opportunity. I’m not the number one politician waiting for an opportunity. It’s my job to find out what that is and achieve it. These are my rites. It made the position that Gopinath Munde held was even bigger. Waiting in line for an opportunity is not my tendency,” said Pankaja Munde.

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Meanwhile, today is the day of remembrance for the late BJP leader, Gopinath Munde. On this occasion, the Sangharsh Deen Sanman program has been organized at Gopinath Fort in Beed district. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will be present at the event. Speaking about this, “Shivraj Singh is coming to Maharashtra today. For the CBOs, a leader who protects the CBOs reaches the grave of a leader who spends his life for the underprivileged. Gopinath Munde dedicated his life to shaping the future of CBOs. Shivraj Singh is a leader who secures the future of CBOs. Therefore, we will pay a special tribute to Shivraj,” said Pankaja Munde.

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