One pass, one policy should be made for movement in NCR: Supreme Court

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court today on the petition filed by the people due to the problems of the Delhi-NCR borders being sealed. During this time, the court has asked the government to call a meeting of representatives and officials of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana. The court has directed to form a common policy and a common pass on the movement of passengers between these three states of Delhi-NCR region. 

Supreme Court asks Union of India (UoI) to convene a meeting of representatives/officials from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana, and to try to evolve a common policy for movement of commuters between the three states in Delhi-NCR region.

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Hearing the PIL, the Supreme Court said that a common portal should be made for movement in the NCR region. For this, all stakeholders should meet and issue a common pass for the NCR region so that there can be movement throughout the NCR. 

Explain that due to corona infection Delhi-NCR borders are sealed. Due to this people are facing a lot of problems in movement. A public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court. Hearing this, the court has directed to make a common pass for the NCR region so that people can move freely.  

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