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mumbai The sugar industry, which has been a major contributor to the state’s economy, surpassed the Rs 1 lakh crore mark this year, breaking the state monopoly in the industry.

Due to satisfactory rainfall in the state during the last year, there was a bumper sugarcane harvest. As a result, the sugar industry in the state has made a lot of money this year and sugar cane farmers have started to make a lot of money. During the current milling season in the state, sugar cane was cultivated in an area of ​​13.67 lakh hectare, which is 22.5 lakh hectare more than last year (11.42 lakh hectare). Due to intermittent rains, the sugarcane harvest has improved. So far, 1300.62 lakh tons of sugarcane from 100 sugar mills have been crushed in 100 cooperative and 99 private sugar mills. The possibility was expressed by sources in the Sugar Commissioner.

While sugar cane cultivation is on the rise in the state, factories are focusing on the by-products along with sugar, which is still considered a lucrative industry. This year is a good day for the sugar industry as there is high demand for sugar abroad, as well as growing demand for ethanol and electricity, a senior ministry official said. This year, 199 sugar mills were granted crushing season licences, of which sugar cane suppliers received Rs 42,000 crore at fair and reasonable rates (FRP). Some factories in western Maharashtra have offered higher prices to farmers than FRP. The sugar industry in the state until today depended solely on sugar. Therefore, the fluctuations in sugar prices were a heavy blow to the industry. However, many sugar mills have started to produce ethanol, electricity, medicines, alcohol together with sugar, benefiting the mills. This year, some 60 sugar mills have started cogeneration projects with a turnover of Rs 6 billion. 100 factories have generated Rs 9,000 crore through ethanol production. Similarly, Rs 5000 crore from rectified liquors, Rs 1000 crore from various chemicals and Rs 715 crore from Khandsari industry. In particular, some sugar mills have made a Rs 12,000 crore business from liquor production, earning Rs 600 crore in the wages of two lakh workers in the industry, while the central and state governments get Rs 3,000 million. rupees in taxes on goods and services, the official said.

The state’s sugar mills have produced 264 crore liters of ethanol this year and will increase to 235 crore liters next year. The installed cogeneration capacity has risen to 2,582 MW.

Maharashtra at the forefront

According to the latest information from the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), 521 sugar mills in the country have started the milling season this year, of which 116 are still operational. Until now, Maharashtra has produced 146.72 lakh metric tons of sugar, Uttar Pradesh 113.95 lakh metric tons and Karnataka 65.89 lakh metric tons.

This year, for the first time, the turnover of the sugar industry in the state exceeded one lakh crore.-Shekhar Gaikwad, Sugar Commissioner

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