One is marriage, the other is the world, and again the mind is occupied with the third; Both.

Marriage with one, world with another and mind committed again with the third; The wife of both and the mistress of the third!

A strange incident has come to light in Nagpur, where a woman was married to two men and was having an affair with a third. Whose wife is she now? This has started an argument between the three.

In Nagpur it has come to light that a single woman married two and fell in love with a third. (Representative photo)

Abhijit Kamble

A young woman fell in love with a young man who lived in the neighborhood. The two fell in love after a few days of knowing each other. A few years later, she had a miscarriage with another young man. She left the first and fell in love with the second. Within a few days, she fell in love with the third again, and fell in love with the third. Betrayed in love, the second husband looks for her first husband. Both came to denounce the trust cell and began to demand justice. After hearing her complaint, now even the police are confused.

What exactly happened?

Dheeraj (25) is a mechanic and lives in Vathoda, Nagpur. Lalita (18) is a native of Gwalior and came to Nagpur with her older sister in search of work. Dheeraj met Lalita, a resident of the area. Within a few days, the two became engaged and fell in love. The two ran away and were married within two months. She gave birth to a son.

Meanwhile, he received a wrong call from Pawan (25, Aurangabad). From there, the two interacted with each other. The two fell in love with each other and she fell in love with Pawan. The two fell in love. She called Pawan to Nagpur. She told him not to get married. Pawan found work directly in Nagpur and was willing to marry her. She told her husband Dheeraj that she was going to the village and fled with the wind. The two had a love marriage at a Shiva temple. The world began in Sonegaon.

Patience, on the other hand, began drinking alcohol in his absence. A few days later, Lalita met a young man named Sachin on Instagram. When Pawan was not at home, Sachin started going to his house. Tendulkar went mad with love. He ran away from her and set her up for marriage. After waiting a few days, they both ran away.

What a mess!

Lalita’s second husband, Pawan, sought the patience of her first husband. They both deal with her confidence when they choose to embark on their gaming activities. It was noted that he was living with Sachin. So they both went to the police station to look for his wife. The police sent him to a confidence cell.

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Whose wife exactly?

The first says that Lalita has a son of mine, so she is my wife. The second husband claims that Lalita is my wife by providing marriage photographs, evidence, and witness testimony. When the police called her, she said, “My life is in the third.” Now the police are confused. It is known that the trusted cell is trying to solve the problem.

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