OBC census raises technical issues with state government

OBC census raises technical issues with state government

In Maharashtra, the initial stages of the local body election process have begun without reservations from the CBO.

Umakant Deshpande Loksatta

mumbai : While there is a door-to-door enumeration proposal for the OBC political reserve, there have been calls for enumeration or caste registration of everyone in the state from various levels. As foreign OBCs who arrived in Maharashtra after 1967 do not get the benefit of the reservation, they should not be counted.

In Maharashtra, the initial stages of the local body election process have begun without reservations from the CBO. Following the acceptance by the Supreme Court of the classical statistical data (Imperial Data) submitted by Madhya Pradesh, the state government also ordered a dedicated commission headed by Jayant Kumar Banthia to prepare the details on that basis by fulfilling all the technical requirements. The commission, after studying the report from Madhya Pradesh, has proposed to the state government to register the number of CBOs from house to house in proportion to the total population of each local body. There are about 95,000 voting booths in the state and there are approximately 1,000 to 1,200 voters at a center. Each Head of Center or Auxiliary Government Employee will be assigned the task of conducting the Population and OBC Survey. Senior officials said that discussions recently took place between information technology secretaries, backward classes and other officials on the development of a special computer system or application for registration. Planning is underway at the Principal Secretary level to complete the inspection and registration work in a month and a half.

However, citizens of all castes must register when searching the population from door to door. The Mahavikas Aghadi leaders have also demanded a caste census from the central government and the Bihar government has taken such a decision. Therefore, scientific statistical details will be available for the Maratha community to reap the benefits of government schemes including the reserve, Maratha reserve petitioner, private Dr Balasaheb Sarate said.

OBC standby petitioner Vikas Gawli has demanded that the survey also look at the educational and social backwardness of OBCs as instructed by the Supreme Court and register all citizens on the basis of caste.

On the Madhya Pradesh line, all technical matters must be taken care of by the Banthia Commission while the report is prepared and the scientific report must be prepared to grant the OBC reservation. Minister Chhagan Bhujbal said that the state government is providing the necessary system, funds and help.

The issue of OBCs abroad

Foreign OBCs who arrived in the state after October 13, 1967 do not receive the benefit of the reservation. There is a legal provision for them to take it in their home state. The state is estimated to have around a crore of OBCs abroad. Rajendra Kondhare, Secretary General of the All India Maratha Federation, demanded in a written request to the commission that their names not be included in the OBC count as their names are not eligible for reservation. A meeting of state government and commission members is underway to decide on the details of the survey as several technical issues have arisen regarding the OBC survey and a final decision will be made soon and the issues will be resolved. technicians, high-level sources. he said he.

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