“Nobody has dared to do this before, but BJP…”, angry Sanjay Raut…

“No one has dared to do this before, but BJP…” Sanjay Raut’s angry reaction!

Sanjay Raut says: “BJP has lost control over its people. They make politics by creating rifts between religions. All of this has come under the control of the BJP.”

Shiv Sena MP and spokesperson Sanjay Raut (archived)

The name Nupur Sharma has been in the news for the last two days. The party has suspended BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma for making derogatory comments about the Prophet Muhammad. The BJP is being targeted by the opposition in domestic politics, while Islamic nations are also protesting the issue internationally. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has responded angrily to this issue as he spoke to the media this morning. He also accused the BJP of interfering in religious politics.

“For the first time, the country had to apologize”

Sanjay Raut has said that this is the first time the country has had to apologize for Nupur Sharma’s statement. “For the first time, this country has to apologize for the atmosphere that has been created around the world. Not all countries criticize India, but they have expressed strong sentiments. For the first time a small country is being asked to apologize.” with a big country,” Raut said.

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“This case is under the control of the BJP”

“No one has dared to do something like this before. But the kind of poisonous thinking that the BJP has started trying to plant in this country, has lost control over its people. They make politics by creating rifts between religions. Although this whole incident has remained under the control of the BJP, it has brought disgrace to the country”, Raut has also alleged.

“Your Meeting and Us”

Meanwhile, speaking on this occasion, why did Sanjay Raut keep the Shiv Sena MLAs in the hotel? He also gave an explanation about this. Shiv Sena MLAs have been held at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai in the context of the Rajya Sabha elections. Speaking at the occasion, Raut said: “The voting process for the Rajya Sabha is technical. The MLAs need some guidance. So the MLAs stick together. That’s what the BJP, the Congress or the NCP have done. So, what is the point of questioning Thobada? What are you doing? Your meeting and we take the MLA aside. They are stupid people, “he said.

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