New Update: Cyber ​​Defense Insurance compensates you for loss of mobile or laptop

Utility desk. When your mobile, laptop or computer gets hacked, your data gets corrupted many times, due to which you have to face loss. Companies may suffer more in such a situation. To avoid this problem, SBI General Insurance Company has launched Cyber ​​Defense Insurance. This insurance covers many risks such as loss of your data, loss in business during hacking.

Special things related to cyber defense insurance

  1. Insurance makes up for the loss

    • According to the company, this insurance product will cater to the needs of small companies or small businesses in the initial phase. Later it will be expanded to make it big companies.
    • Cyber ​​Defense Insurance provides protection against violations of cyber regulations and increased risk of fraud. It is designed keeping protection from insurable cyber threats.
    • This includes hacking attacks, theft of your identity-related data, and problems in business due to sensitive information being made public.
  2. Get help right away

    Mr. Subramaniam B., Head of Reinsurance at SBI General Insurance. According to it, after the incident of cyber attack, the customer is also offered all the services that are required in an instant. Under this, 24 * 7 hours of service is provided in the context of cyber incidents.
  3. Union Bank of India network was hacked

    • The cyber hacker hacked the network of Union Bank of India last year and withdrew $ 171 million from the bank. Similarly, in 2016, the card data of 32 lakh customers was stolen through Yes Bank ATM.
    • Not only this, because of the malware in the US, Canada, the cities of the city were stalled. And like any storm, there was a loss of billions of dollars. Even companies like Wipro have been hit by it in India.
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