Nature completes two years of storms; Hurricane Risk Prevention Project 400…

Nature completes two years of storms; Rs 400 Crore Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project On Paper Only

The work was expected to start after the storm of nature, but it did not happen.

Nothing works in the face of natural disasters. However, it is necessary to learn from the coming calamity, by studying it, if such calamities arise in the future, it is necessary to try to minimize the loss of life and financial loss. However, the picture is that the administration has forgotten this. In Raigad district, around 400 projects proposed under the National Cyclone Risk Reduction Project are currently stalled. These works were expected to start after the natural storm. But that has not happened.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Program is being implemented in Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Palghar and Raigad districts of Konkan. The main objective of this project is to evacuate people in the event of a cyclone, to avoid loss of life. These include the construction of sheds for hurricane shelters along the coast, the laying of underground power lines, and the construction of dams. The important thing is that this work will be financed by the World Bank. Under this programme, works worth more than Rs 400 million are proposed in Raigad district. However, these works are paralyzed due to administrative depression.

In Raigad district, Alibag, Marud and Shrivardhan talukas will provide shelter for 1,000 people. Fixed places in Murud and Shrivardhan talukas. The expected space in Alibag taluka is not yet available. The Murud and Shrivardhan works have been approved and the bidding process has been completed. But the real work has not yet started. The work of laying underground power lines in Alibag is stalled. The works in Shrivardhan, Uran, Murud have not yet been approved. Salinity works are also stalled. Although two years have passed since the hurricane, this work has not gained momentum.

A proposal was submitted to the central government to establish a base camp for the National Disaster Response Force in Mahad. However, even after two years, he was unable to gain approval. The state government has provided the necessary space for the base camp. The process of ceding space has also been completed. However, the State Disaster Response Force base camp has been required to start until the NDRF base camp is approved.

Horticulture replanting issue persists

Rehabilitation plans for mango, cashew, coconut and betel nut orchards appear to be on paper. Less than 50 percent of the affected area is likely to be replanted. The revival of many orchards is still hampered by a lack of coconut betel seedlings and delays in felling mangoes and cashews. Therefore, the Department of Agriculture has given top priority to the approval of the resettlement proposal under the Employment Guarantee Plan. With proper action, the proposed reforestation is expected to take place this monsoon.

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