narayan rane did not bring any industry in maharashtra during the year…

Sawantwadi : As Union Minister Narayan Rane’s ability to provide industry and employment is exhausted, not even 400 people attended the industrial fair organized by him. The workers of his party also turned their backs on the demonstration. Therefore, MLA Vaibhav Naik criticized today that the industrial festival in Kankavali has completely failed. Naik held a press conference at Vijay Bhavan in Kankavli. Former Corpor Bhushan Parulekar and Yuvasena Branch Chief Sachin Achrekar were present on the occasion. He said Rane was previously a minister for industry in the state government. However, they did not bring industries to the district. Therefore, the workers in his own party did not trust Rane. Why didn’t the people and people from his party attend the industrial festival organized by Rane? Rane should think about this. 40,000 people visited the agricultural exhibition organized in Sindhudurg. However, not even 400 people visited the industrial festival organized by Rane at a cost of Rs 50 lakh. MLA Vaibhav Naik made such a fuss. After becoming minister of the Center, Rane has not brought any industry to the district in the past year. Mr. Naik alleged that Rane’s ministerial post at the Center was given to him only to criticize Shiv Sena. The people of the Sindhudurg district have realized that Rane cannot create employment in this district. And they can’t develop the district. Rane only has to accuse Shiv Sena. Therefore, the district will be developed through Sindhuratna Yojana or other schemes in the near future, Naik said. Rane always says that I am an entrepreneur. However, I would like to make a call to the people of the district not to follow Rane’s example as an entrepreneur. Because only Maharashtra has seen what industry they have made so far. Naik made such harsh comments. Rane’s role of always criticizing others led to his defeat twice. People are ready to come to the industry or the industrial area, but the people did not respond to this industrial festival organized by Rane. Such a toll was imposed by Naik.

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