murder of young people; Remain closed in protest of the incident; Crime against 18 people…

murder of young people; Remain closed in protest of the incident; Charges filed against 18 people; seven detainees

A 23-year-old man from the city was killed in an earlier altercation.

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Rahata: A 23-year-old from the city was killed due to a previous fight. The incident took place around 10 pm on Wednesday (yesterday) at the Government House building at Ambedkar Nagar in the city. The city was put on lockdown until noon in protest of the incident. The police registered a murder case against 18 defendants and arrested 7 defendants.

Yogesh Kisan Waghmare is the name of the young man who was killed in the attack. On May 29, due to a fight at the Lucky Hotel in Shrirampur, Lalit Palande and Rahul Palande took Yogesh on a motorcycle to a house in Ambedkar Nagar in the city with the intention of killing him. Ravi Dashrath Kataranvare, Viren aka Pintu Darshath Kataranvare, Dashrath Kataranvare, Bhushan Sanju Nikale, Yogesh Sanju Nikale, Sanjay Dadu Nikale, Ratanbai Dashrath Kataranvare, Manisha Waghmare, Amit Chandrakant Waghare Alias ​​Bhaiya Somnath Lute, Somnath Lute, Vishal Mokal, Mahesh Somnath Palande, Gautam Somnath Palande, Amol Somnath Palande (all Rahata residents) banded together and conspired and Ravi Kataranvare attacked and killed Yogesh. Tushar Ravindra Bhosale (18, resident of Navnathnagar, Tal. Rahata), Darshan Anil Waghmare (16, resident of Ambedkar Nagar, Tal. Rahata) were injured in the incident. According to the complaint filed by Kisan David Waghmare (55, resident of Ambedkar Nagar, Tal. Rahata), the Rahata police have registered a case of kidnapping and murder against the 18 people mentioned above. Relatives blocked the road for a while, saying the body would not be detained until the main accused, Ravindra Kataranavare, was arrested. Police in riot gear stormed a demonstration on Friday, driving out hundreds of protesters in trucks.

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