Mumbai Police Anti-Narcotics Cell Recovered MD Medications Worth Rs 1.22 Cro…

Mumbai Drug News: The Ghatkopar unit of the Mumbai police’s anti-narcotics cell recovered 610 grams of MD drugs from the Mahim and Virar areas on Sunday (Jan 1). Police arrested 3 people including an African street vendor in this case. The value of the recovered drugs is 1 crore 22 lakh rupees in the international market. The Anti-Narcotics Cell said that the case has been registered and the investigation is underway.

The police registered a case against 3 drug dealers under the NDPS Act and presented the defendants in court. The court has sent the accused into police custody until January 6. Mumbai police arrested a total of 3 people including African women drug dealers.

Anti-narcotics cell participates in investigation

Police say the accused drug dealers used to smuggle drugs into many places in Mumbai. Now the police are trying to find out where these people brought the drugs from and to whom they supplied them.

Drugs worth Rs 1 crore were also seized on Saturday.

Earlier, on Saturday (Dec 31) drugs worth more than one crore of rupees were seized from a house in Kharghar area of ​​Navi Mumbai city in Maharashtra. In this case, 16 Nigerian citizens, including six women, were arrested. Navi Mumbai Police (Crime) Deputy Commissioner Amit Kale said the house was reportedly raided and some African people were found to be stockpiling drugs for New Year events.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Amit Kale said the total value of the seized drugs is said to be Rs 1,00,70,000. Which includes ganja, charas, heroin and quaaludes. He said a special investigation team made up of criminal branch personnel and the police’s anti-narcotics cell would look into the matter to find out which parties the narcotics would be supplied to.

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