Mukhyamantri Gramsadak’s Burden on DPC Again: Cuts to Provisions of Other Schemes…

Mohniraj Lahade
Nagar: The state government has ordered to provide district annual plan funds for roads under Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana. This will put a charge of Rs. As a result, provisions from other DPC-funded schemes in the district will have to be cut. This year ten thousand kilometers of roads will be built in the state through Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana. One billion rupees will be provided for this.
It is noteworthy that after the approval of this year’s District Annual Plan for the year 2022-23, the Planning Department ordered to make provisions for Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana of ‘DPC’.
The planning department of the state government on Thursday issued orders to make provisions for roads under Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana of the district’s annual plan. The state government has set a target for how many kilometers of roads will be built in each district this year and next year (2023-24) through Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana. Accordingly, Rs 75 lakh will be allocated for every kilometer. The target for the Nagar district is 646 km. Accordingly, a provision of Rs 646 crore each will be made this year and next. As the district is geographically the largest in the city, the longest highways in the state are destined for the city. A total of 20,000 km in the state this year and 10 thousand each in the coming years. The longest paths are the goal. A total of Rs 2,000 crore will be provided for this.
Frequent changes in funds availability orders
Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana was launched in the state during the previous BJP government. The state government had made separate provisions for these roads. He was then directed to provide funding for it from the district’s annual plan. But two years ago, the state government began providing separate funds again. Orders have now again been given to provide funding for the district’s annual plan for roads under the CM Village Road Plan. Roads under this scheme are approved by the Minister of Rural Development. In addition, DPC funds are also under the jurisdiction of the Guardian Minister. Both posts are held by Hasan Mushrif for the city.

What schemes will require scissors?
This year’s city plan of the district annual plan for the year 2022-23 was Rs 540 crore. However, for urban areas, it has been increased by Rs 17 crore and a total of Rs 557 crore has been approved. However, this Rs 17 crore fund will be used for urban areas only. The plan has been approved after the provisions of several schemes have been finalized. In such a situation, funds of Rs 64.60 crore will be made available for Mukhyamantri Gramsadak Yojana.

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