Mother and daughter stayed locked up at home for two years for fear of…

Fear of covid-19: A mother and her daughter, who had not left their home for the past two years fearing the coronavirus pandemic and other health issues, were forcibly admitted to a hospital in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday (December 20) in Koyyuru village of Andhra Pradesh Went. According to the relatives of the family, the head of the family fed them every day and for a week mother and daughter had not even eaten. For this reason, the head of the family was forced to approach the authorities.

The relatives said that health officials, with the help of the police, admitted them to the government hospital. The woman’s daughter asked the officers: ‘When we want to stay in our house, what is your problem?’ The officials were trying to persuade the mother-daughter duo to come out and cooperate with them.

Suribabu, the head of the family, told the media that his wife and daughter were afraid of black magic and therefore had stopped leaving the house during the day. Suribabu said: “Despite my repeated assurances, she has not left the house during the day for the past two years. However, she comes out at night to defecate etc.” As soon as his wife’s health began to suffer, Suribabu informed the health officials about it.

A few months ago, such a case came to light in Andhra.

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A few months ago, a neighbor died of COVID-19 in Andhra Pradesh, after which three members of a family confined themselves to a small house for 15 months. The Andhra Pradesh police somehow saved the family after relatives reported their poor health. Seeing his pathetic condition, the police immediately admitted him to a government hospital.

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