More than eight hundred wild animals including eight leopards in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Sanctuary area | …

Animal census findings that wild animal numbers are ‘as is’

Akole: In the animal census conducted on the day of Buddha Pournima in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Sanctuary area, the existence of more than 800 wild animals was found, including 8 leopards. For two years, the crown has not increased the amount of wildlife in the sanctuary, despite little human intervention. 25 Akole taluka villages are included in the sanctuary area. Every year on Buddha Pournima, the wildlife in the shrine is counted. These animals were counted in 17 villages like Ghatghar, Samrad, Udanavane, Panjre, Ratanwadi, Koltembhe, Ambit, Pachanai, Kumshet, Lavhali, Shirpunje, Kothale, Satewadi, Fopsandi etc. Scaffolding was set up near water bodies in the forest suburbs of these towns for observation. Cameras were also installed at the scene. 62 forestry workers from Bhandardara and Rajur forests and Dr. from Akurdi. D. and The director of Patil College, Dr. Mohan Waman, his university professors and 25 students of his had participated in it.

Along with leopards, monkeys, monkeys, taras, squirrels, rabbits, wild cats, mongooses, boars, bhekar, foxes, sambar, shekhar, khokad, udmanjar and sixteen other wild animals were seen during this time. On a scaffold near a body of water in Ratanwadi, a leopard’s roar was heard. The leopard, who was passing through the grass near the scaffolding, was startled when passing through the body of water.

The existence of 6 leopards was found in the Bhandardara area. By comparison, only two leopards were seen in the Harishchandragad area. One was found at Ratanwadi and Panjre on the banks of Bhandardara Reservoir and two at Ghatghar and Koltebhe. A leopard was found in Ambit and Kothale in the Harishchandragad area. A census conducted two years ago also found eight leopards. According to the census, 93 species of animals were found present in the Samrad Basin. 83 animals were found in the Ghatghar deer ponds and 70 in the Koltembe ponds. However, not a single animal appeared in the Pendshet body of water.

According to the information received, the number of wild animals found in this wildlife census is as follows: –

Monkeys 205, Khar 36, Sasa 46, Ranmanjar 30, Taras 21, Makad 78, Mungus 21, Randukkar 130, Bhekar 48, Kolha 8, Sambar 58, Shekhar 6, Udmanjar 4, Bibatya 8.

The sanctuary area has a good number of wild boars as well as monkeys and apes. The number of sambars in the Harishchandragad area was also good. This may be due to the low number of leopards in the area. More than 30 different species of birds were found in the sanctuary area. These include Bagale, Bulbul, Lavari, Bhardwaj, Hole, Ghubad, Titvi, Panakombadi, Kotwal, Kumbharkukada, Pechuk, Khandya, Satbhai etc. Three rabbits also appeared. However, the number of chimpanzees that sing is almost the same. Peacocks didn’t show up much.

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