more than 11 lakh 22 thousand applications for various common tickets…

Fist: Applications for various Common Entrance Tests (CET) for vocational courses conducted by the Common Entrance Examination (CET) State Cell have increased this year. Last year, a total of 8 lakh 68 thousand applications were submitted for all CETs, but this year more than 11 lakh 22 thousand students have been registered. The number of applications is likely to increase further as the registration deadline for some courses is still pending.

The CET Cell conducts entrance examinations for undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, pharmacology, agriculture, law, physical education, pedagogy, fine arts, etc. According to the likely schedule announced by the CET cell, the Department of Higher Education and Technical Education career exams will be held in August, the Visual Arts Department of Arts exams on June 12, and the four-course exams of the Department of Arts. the Medical Education competition will be held in September. The online application registration process for these exams began in March-April. So far, some courses have expired, while others are still open.

According to the CET cell, more than 11 lakh 22 thousand applications have been submitted for the examinations of 16 technical education, fine arts and higher education courses so far. Of which 9 lakh 54 thousand 410 students have confirmed the application by paying the fee. Last year, 8 lakh 68 thousand 297 students completed the application, of which 7 lakh 516 students appeared for the royal exam. Statistics show an increase in the number of applications this year compared to last year.

Propaganda through social networks

CET Cell is using social media to reach more and more students about CET. Provides exam information and schedules for various courses. Due to JEE, NEET, college exams, etc., the schedule had to be changed three times. In addition, three extensions were granted to the maximum number of students to have the opportunity to register their applications. As a result, the number of requests is increasing. This year’s application is a record. – Ravindra Jagtap, Commissioner, CET Cell

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