Moodys Cuts India GDP Growth, Corona: Sensational predictions on GDP – Full report

Witness: New Delhi:   World nations are continuing their war on the Corona pestilence. On the one hand, the global economy is getting more and more depressed amid the corona virus and lockdown. Many key industries are getting into crisis. In the face of these concerns, the leading rating agency Moody’s announced the move. India’s GDP rate is likely to reach 2.5 per cent by 2020, it said. Moody’s recently revealed these expectations amid fears of widespread coronavirus. The loan recipients is a huge relief )
GDP growth forecasts are expected to be cut sharply in the next two to three quarters as all sectors in India will be severely affected. India’s GDP growth rate is expected to fall further. With a growth rate of over 8 per cent at one stage, India’s GDP will reach 5 per cent in 2019. Now it is even harder to get the 5% mark. The main reason for this is the decline of the auto sector along with the industrial sector. (If EMIs are not paid for next months is not good )
On the other hand, many economists, including ING Group and Deutsche Bank, expect GDP growth to fall to just 1% in the current quarter due to a nationwide lockdown. Deutsche Bank’s chief economist Kaushik Das predicted real GDP growth in April-June to fall, with Chinese experience reaching 5 percent or less on an annual basis. Singapore’s ING economist Prakash Sakpal said the economy, which expanded 4.7 per cent in the quarter ending December, will reach a two-decade low in the coming period. In particular, private consumption, which accounts for 57 per cent of India’s GDP, is expected to fall to nearly 1 per cent in the current quarter, while GDP growth will fall to just 1 per cent. Package benefits )
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