Modi’s bulldozing policies destroying public order…

Modi’s bulldozing policy of destroying public order is dangerous for national unity – Vrinda Karat

It is also said that a dangerous foundation of religious polarization is being laid in the country.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bulldozer policy, which focuses on religious and political polarization, ignoring the problems of inflation, rising gasoline and diesel prices and other necessities of life, is very dangerous for the national unity of the country. Such a comment was made by Vrinda Karat, a former MP from the Marxist Communist Party in Satara.

She is in Satara for the 12th Janwadi Mahila Sanghatana All India State Convention. She spoke to reporters in Satara. Also present were CPI(M) Secretary General Anandi Awghade and Janavadi National Secretary General Maryam Butwala.

Vrinda Karat further said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are engaged in a comprehensive nationwide program on the occasion of the completion of eight years. However, the BJP has completely ignored the growing social and economic inequality in the country. in the name of individualism. In the last eight years, the capitalist economy has become dominant and the monthly income of 61% of the country’s population has remained within Rs 10,000. Up to six million young people have lost their jobs. Rising prices for petrol, diesel and gas have skyrocketed, yet the BJP’s business of finding Shivpind behind every place of worship is creating unrest in the country and creating a dangerous base for religious polarisation. Narendra Modi also has a bulldozing strategy to destroy the social system, so the national unity of the country is being threatened.”

BJP and RSS start businesses of political and religious polarization –

In addition, “the Modi government does not do the ethnic census. Therefore, various wrong agendas are being deliberately pursued to prevent the dangerous truth of how the social equality gap has widened through different levels from being exposed to the public. These industries of political and religious polarization initiated by the RSS and the BJP threaten the country in terms of economic and socio-political structure. To stop this dangerous tradition, the voice of the common man must be raised and we must move forward boldly.” Such a call was made by Vrinda Karat at that time.

The Modi administration is a political bankrupt of policies.

“ED and CBI are being used for political gain. Now it is feared that the autonomy of this autonomous system will be lost due to wrong policy. The Modi administration is a political bankrupt of policies.” Such criticism was made by Vrinda Karat.

30 lakh of working women will send declaration of signatures to the president – Maryam Butwala

On this occasion, People’s Party National General Secretary Maryam Butwala said, The list below the poverty line includes the names of the right people, which has put Anganwadi workers, Asha workers and working women. There is agitation going on that a declaration signed by 3 million working women from across the country and state will be sent to the president by August 15.”

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