mobile games; Terrible death of a 12 year old boy in Buldhana 12 years…

A shocking incident has come to light at Shivaji Nagar Police Station in Khamgaon taluka of Buldhana district. A 12-year-old boy who was going to play behind the house has died. Police have given preliminary information that he died of strangulation. The incident was reported to the Shivaji Nagar Police Station and further investigations are ongoing.

The deceased has been identified as Vandesh Awate, a 12-year-old boy. The late Purvesh was the only son of his parents. The father from the east works in a private company, while in his spare time he sells vegetables. Purvesh’s sister also died two years ago. The Awate couple is shocked by the death of their 12-year-old son.

According to the information received, the father of the deceased Purvesh would have gone to work at the company on Tuesday, the day of the events. Meanwhile, he and his mother were at home. By this time, Purvesh had gone to the back of the house saying that he was going to play outside. He tied a handkerchief to an iron pipe and began to play with it. He suddenly got caught while playing. When his mother noticed this, they immediately took him down and reported the incident to the boy’s father.

The two then rushed him to the hospital for treatment. However, doctors conducted a preliminary examination and declared Purvesh dead. Purvesh loved to play games on mobile. He was constantly trying to do the same thing by watching adventure videos on mobile games and YouTube. Preliminary information has come to light that he may have been strangled due to this hobby. The incident is being further investigated.

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