MLA Praniti Shinde aggressive against NCP in matter of Ujani water MLA Praniti…

The state’s acting chairman of Congress, MLA Praniti Shinde, has strongly opposed the government’s decision to take water from the Ujani dam and give it to the Indapur and Baramati talukas. He has taken an aggressive stance against the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), warning that he will turn this issue on.
Datta Bharne, the Guardian Minister of Solapur, has forgotten the responsibility for the development of Solapur and has seen the benefits of his own Indapur and Baramati. His selfishness hides behind this. However, we will not allow water from Ujjain of Solapurkars to flow into Indapur and Baramati under any circumstances, we are willing to pay the price for it, warned MLA Praniti Shinde.
The government has decided to supply water from the Ujani dam to 17 villages in the Indapur and Baramati talukas under the name of Lakdi-Nimbodi Upsa Irrigation Scheme. An administrative penalty of Rs 348 crore has also been given for this. Opposition to this decision has started to grow in Solapur district and agitation against it has also broken out.
Many talukas in Solapur district have yet to receive their fair share of water from Ujani. Irrigation schemes like Ekrukh, Shirapur, Ashti, Mangalvedha, Sangola, Dahigaon are pending. As a result, most of the district is deprived of water. Bharne is more interested in solving his own water problem in Indapur than in solving these problems. MLA Praniti Shinde asked if he is the Guardian Minister of Solapur or Indapur. We will not engage on the Ujjain water issue. You have nothing to do with power. He also said that he has been in power since childhood and added that he has taken an aggressive stance against the NCP.

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