Mixed reactions in Latur on government policy; Twelfth, CET’s…

Mixed reactions in Latur on government policy; Twelfth, notes of 50% of CET each

While tuition is available in urban areas in preparation for the CET, it was feared that students in rural areas would be left behind in this regard.

Pradeep Nandkar, Loksatta

Latur: Due to government policy, problems are increasing in all sectors. The alliance government has decided to give equal weight to standard 12 grades for vocational courses and from next academic year 50 percent of standard 12 grades and CET will be taken into consideration when admitting courses. professional grade. The decision has provoked mixed reactions in the educational sector of Latur.

Previously, the only criterion for a vocational training course was the matriculation exam. As there is a difference between the test centers in urban and rural areas and the number of copies is increasing in rural areas, the CET exam solution has come up with the idea that there should be quality exam instead of grades of the class XII exam. . At that time, there were reactions in the educational sector against this government decision in many places. There were even marches against the government’s decision. While tuition is available in urban areas in preparation for the CET, it was feared that students in rural areas would be left behind in this regard. At that time in Latur district, Rajarshi Shahu College, Dayanand Science College, Mahatma Gandhi College, Ahmedpur, the college took special classes for students to prepare for the CET exam and prepared them. The result that came after that, the students who scored the best in the state in the standard 12 exam were from the Latur district, the same students also shone again in the CET exam. Then came several tests. Along with the JEE, AI EEE exams, there was also a good entrance exam for medical schools. Here too, there were mixed reactions and only a 50 per cent condition was set for standard 12 grades. Twelfth grade grades cost nothing when admitted to vocational courses. Other test scores are considered. At many colleges in the state, students were admitted by name alone. He did not go to university, he used to give private lessons and give competitive exams.

The new state government has said that from next year, Class XII scores will be given the same weight as the CET exams and 50 percent of scores for both will be taken into consideration. When asked about the decision, Mahadev Gawhane, Principal of Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur, said the CET exam was a deliberate move. It is a very transparent test. It is worth mentioning that due to some mistakes in this exam, it was decided to retake the qualifications of class XII. He also expressed the need to strictly implement the plan to perform the standard 12 exam with the same standard in all centers.

Colleges were only nominal as Class XII grades were worthless to admit vocational courses. This decision will increase student attendance at the university. In that sense, the decision is wise. Umakant Honrao from ‘Reliance Latur Pattern’ said that the 12th standard exam must be conducted very strictly and transparently so that there will be no new controversy between rural and urban.

Dr. Satish Pawar of the Vidya Aradhana Academy said that this decision is not new. After that, the minimum marks must be 75% on the standard 12 exam. This was the norm for the IIT exams. These criteria have now been discontinued after Corona. He said that there was no doubt that the new decision made by the government was very useful.

Students have stress when they take any test. They are more stressed when they take only one test. He said that now that both exams would be given the same grades, it would increase stress for students.

support the decision

This decision made by Dr. Janardan Waghmare, Founding Vice-Chancellor of Swami Ramanand Tirtha Marathwada Nanded University is very appropriate. The twelfth graders did not sit down. This decision will keep students in college, he said. Former Head of Shahu College, Aniruddha Jadhav, has welcomed this decision. He said the decision would probably do some good. There are mixed reactions in the education sector to this decision made by the government. However, no matter how long this decision will be implemented, there will be no change to this decision again.

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