Many complaints about banks under Mudra Yojana, only to former account holders…

Many Complaints About Banks Under Mudra Yojana, They Do Not Provide Loans To Old Account Holders Only: Union Minister Dr. Karad

There are many complaints about banks under Mudra Yojana and banks should not give loans only to previous account holders, said Union Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Realized by Bhagwat Karad.

Speaking in Chandrapur, Union Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Bhagawat Karad

Chandrapur: India’s economy is growing rapidly in the world. The country’s banking sector needs to expand so that ordinary citizens have a stake in this economy. Given the growing population, there should be at least 14 branches and 11 ATMs for every lakh of population. Therefore, all banks should take the initiative to expand bank branches and ATMs in the district, appealed the Union Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Carried out by Bhagwat Karad. He was speaking while reviewing various core schematics related to the bank in the Planning Room.

There are 307 branches of various banks in the district. Karad said: “All banks should set up new branches by surveying the big villages in the district. Banks must implement a ‘branch there ATM’ policy. Information about all central bank-related schemes should be disseminated among citizens. Also check if the bank coordinators go to the villages. In the interest of the bank, the interest of the general public is also important. Realize this and speed up the disbursement of crop loans.”

Rs 45 crore from Jandhan Yojana account holders across the country

“Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojana is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest and most successful scheme. Jandhan Yojana has 45 crores of account holders across the country and because of Jandhan-Aadhar-Mobile (JAM), the money is deposited in the people’s accounts through DBT. So those families who don’t know anything about banking should open an account and give them the benefit of government schemes,” Karad said.

“Don’t lend only to old account holders”

Karad further said, “Regarding the Prime Minister’s Security Insurance Scheme, Dr. Karad said that the account is opened for only Rs 12 and below this the citizen concerned gets Rs 2 security insurance. lakh As Kisan Credit Card (KCC) is attached to Jandhan Yojana, farmers get loans up to 3 lakhs. There are many complaints from the bank under Mudra Yojana. Don’t just lend to old account holders, make a sincere effort to raise your standard of living by lending to new account holders.”

“Mudra Yojana loans will help in the creation of new entrepreneurs”

“Mudra Yojana loans will definitely help create new entrepreneurs. Pradhan Mantri Swa Nidhi Yojana is for urban areas and initially provided a loan of Rs 10,000 to those selling on the sidewalk. If the loan is repaid successfully, the person concerned can get a loan of Rs 20,000 again. The scope of the scheme has now been extended by the central government and a loan of up to Rs 50,000 has been provided for,” Karad said.

“Camps should be organized in the villages to increase financial education”

“NABARD is a very important bank and we can offer many schemes for Scheduled Tribes. Village camps should be organized to increase financial education. For this, we are going to provide two vehicles to the district through NABARD,” said Dr. Karad said.

“No Loan Cases Pending”

“Special emphasis should be placed on increasing the credit deposit rate in the district. It is also important to treat incoming customers with respect. No loan case should remain pending. Explain the paperwork to stakeholders right away. There are various Central Government schemes for farmers, poor, youth, etc. These schemes should benefit the common man. Only if the living standards of the poor are raised will the economy be raised,” he said.

“Banks should create applications to reach the public”

Speaking at the occasion, Mungantiwar, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said: “The District Collector and Chief Executive should pay special attention to increasing the number of bank branches and ATMs in the district. Banks should spend CSR funds. Leading banks should also create apps to reach the general public. Mobile banking must also be planned”.

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The program was presented by Dhongade, Senior Bank Manager. Chairman of the Public Accounts Legislative Committee Sudhir Mungantiwar, District Collector Ajay Gulhane, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mithali Sethi, District Chief Bank Manager Prashant Dhongade, Former Mayor Rakhi Kancharlawar, Anjali Ghotkar, Sanjay Dhote, Devrao Bhongale and other representatives of banks were present in large numbers.

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