Make expert advice / insurance the most important accessory of your smartphone, this will keep your mobile safe

Utility desk. India is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. Indians spend heavily on buying smartphones as well as its accessories. According to reports, by 2024, the market of mobile phone accessories will reach 25 thousand crore rupees. That is, it will have a growth of more than 10% per class. The youth are the largest customer segment for such products. They want to keep their phone safe as well as make it stylish. Mobile accessories, screen guards etc. contribute a lot to these accessories. However, an accessory is such that people are not yet noticed. Whereas, it is very important for mobile protection. That accessory is mobile insurance. Many e-commerce platforms are selling mobile insurance policies at very low prices. It covers the loss of mobile, theft, screen damage, water damage etc. although,

This policy will help you

  1. Extended warranty policy

    Most manufacturers offer one year warranty with mobile. This period can be up to three years on taking an extended warranty policy. After one year, this policy is very helpful in case of warranty related problems.
    • Budget smartphone sales are more in India. By taking this policy, customers can be assured that they do not face any problem related to manufacturing. However, this policy does not cover theft, swindle or accidental physical damage. This is just an extension of the manufacturers warranty.
  2. Personal cyber insurance

    The fear of getting pocketed and purse stolen was the first. But, now the social media account is hacked, identity theft, theft of bank details are more big threats. The cyber insurance policy protects you from any such incident.
  3. Getting your phone included in the home insurance policy

    Everyone should get their house and household items insured. Now with the presence of high end electronic gadgets, its need has become even more. Many times the value of the goods in the house is more than the house.
    • A good home insurance policy also offers the option to get the mobile covered. Under this, the mobile gets all kinds of protection. It also includes theft, cheating, accidental damage etc.
    • There are many types of protection from general insurance. This includes health, home, motor insurance etc. Having adequate insurance is one of the best ways to invest.
    • The insurance industry wants the youth to become aware of this and keep adequate insurance for their valuables. Taking mobile insurance for the youth can be a good start in this direction.
    • Along with financial loss from losing mobiles, there is a risk of important data going into the wrong hands.
    • If the mobile is bad, you have to buy it again even in such a situation when you will not have enough money. To avoid all these problems, it is necessary to explore the options of mobile insurance.
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