Major City Discrepancies Revealed

Major City Discrepancies Revealed

The complaint from Shiv Sena officials has also revealed that Shiv Sena is facing more NCP issues in the district.

Mohaniraj Lahade, Loksatta

Village : In the presence of Shiv Sena Senior Leader MP Gajanan Kirtikar, Shiv Sampark Abhiyan was implemented in the city. His visit to the city turned out to be a resurgence of old wounds inflicted by the Shiv Sena party. Liaison chief Bhau Korgaonkar, against whom there are complaints, was absent from the campaign. This tour turned out to be a heavy blow for Shiv Sena in Mahavikas Aghadi. The complaint from Shiv Sena officials has also revealed that Shiv Sena is facing more NCP issues in the district.

Since the number of NCP MLAs in the district is high and they also hold the position of Guardian Minister, naturally the district is dominated by NCPs. Sadashiv Lokhande from Shiv Sena is an MP in the Shirdi Lok Sabha constituency in the northern part of the district. However, they are not ready to clash with the established NCP, Congress or BJP leadership in the north to address the Shiv Sainiks’ grievances. There is not a single Shiv Sena MLA in the district. Following the passing of deputy leader, former Minister of State Anil Rathore, Shiv Sena has no one-sided leadership in the city. After Independent Shankarrao Gadakh joined Shiv Sena, he was given the position of Minister for Water Conservation and leadership of the Shiv Sena District. In the presence of Gadakh, Shiv Sampark Abhiyan-1 was implemented in July 2021 last year. To do this, Gadakh traveled throughout the district. However, Shiv Sainiks did not complain to Gadakh about Kondmara and the contempt at the front. After years hard-line leaders went to MP Kirtikar Nagar to implement Shiv Sampark Abhiyan-2 and Shiv Sena officials complained about the gap in the alliance. After two and a half years in power in the state, the days of the early flourishing of the Mahavikas Aghadi’s constituent party are over. The political animosity between Shiv Sena and former NCP MLA Arun Jagtap and his son and his MLA holder Sangram Jagtap is intense. Furthermore, it is the mass base of both parties. The double murder of Shiv Sainiks in the suburb of Kedgaon has sharpened this animosity. Ignoring that, Shiv Sena got the position of mayor with the support of NCP. This advantage is not acceptable for a group in Shiv Sena, supporters of Rathore. Its repercussions are intermittent. Due to the power gained in the Municipal Corporation, Shiv Sena’s wounds began to heal.

MP Kirtikar directly mentions this old wound, pointing out the crime against MLA Jagtap, some of their own Shiv Sena corporate secretly cooperate with NCP MLA, that is why Rathore was defeated, Shiv Sena workers, officials are kidnapped by other Shiv Sena Kirtikar also called on all those who get positions in the party organization to be exposed. The Shiv Sainiks express the feeling that what will happen to Shiv Sena, who came to power with the support of NCP, in addition to healing the wounds.

Liaison chiefs are more in contact with NCP MLAs than Shiv Sena officials. Despite being the mayor of Shiv Sena, he is involved in distributing funds to party corporations. The PNC has priority, such complaints were made. We will submit a report to the party chief that the Guardian Minister is not funding Shiv Sena’s work, Kirtikar has told local officials.

No Shiv Sena official came to ask me for funds for the work. Since there is a tripartite government, the more MLA there are, the more the question will be felt. Shiv Sena is strong in Mumbai-Thane. There is a similar injustice for the other two parties. If the Chief Minister holds a meeting of MLAs and MPs from his party, then if he calls a meeting of MLAs and MPs from all parties, misunderstandings will be eliminated.

hassan mushrif, Guardian Minister and Minister for Rural Development

Strengthen Shiv Sena in the city and prepare to attack other political parties, build a strong Nirbhaya Nagar-Swabal Nagar. – Gajanan Kirtikar, Shiv Sena MP

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