Maharashtra to get first ‘Vande Bharat’ express; Trip Mumbai-Pun…

Maharashtra to get first ‘Vande Bharat’ express; The Mumbai-Pune journey will now take only two and a half hours!

The central government plans to operate 400 Vande Bharat Railways across the country in the next two years.

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The first express ‘Vande Bharat’ will run in Maharashtra soon. The Mumbai-Pune journey will now be completed in just two and a half hours. The movement to bring the Vande Bharat Railway to Maharashtra for the first time initiated by the Central Government has started at the top level. Maharashtra is likely to get two Central Vande Bharat Railways by August 15.

The Deccan Queen is currently the fastest train running on the Mumbai-Pune route. The Deccan Queen takes 3 hours and 10 minutes to cover the distance between Mumbai and Pune. However, after the commissioning of the ‘Vande Bharat’ train, the duration of this journey will be reduced by 40 minutes and reduced to one and a half hours.

Vande Bharat trains are operated to speed up travel between two major cities in the country. It is said that in the next two years, 400 Vande Bharat Railways will be run across the country. In the country, the Vande Bharat Railway runs from Varanasi to New Delhi, New Delhi to Katra and Howrah to Ranchi.

Indian Railways Vande Bharat Railway is being installed in Chennai. It is said that each unit of this express is 40% cheaper than the European Express. Vande Bharat Express coaches are manufactured at the Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) LHB shed in Chennai.

The government has said that the Vande Bharat Express was designed and built in India with the Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ plan at its core. Vande Bharat Railway carriages will be equipped. The express will have a total of 16 AC cars, two of which will be business class.

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