Maharashtra news live updates 26 May 2022 anil parab ed raid…

Maharashtra News Live Updates Today: Ruling party and opposition have clashed over OBC booking and accusations are being leveled. BJP State President Chandrakant Patil advised Supriya Sule to go home and cook. On the other hand, the DA has taken action against Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab and carried out raids. This is likely to further heat up politics in the state.

In addition, now the central government has imposed restrictions on sugar exports. The holy central government has decided that no more than 100 lakh tons of sugar will be exported. The imposition of the sugar export ban has angered the sugar industry. In addition, the court’s death sentence on Kashmir separatist leader Yasin Malik in a case of financing terrorist activities, Kapil Sibal’s resignation from Congress and support for the PS, and the wearing of a helmet by also being discussing a two-wheeler in Mumbai.

Many such important developments are taking place in states, countries, internationally as well as in other areas. Now you can read all these events in one place.

Latest Maharashtra News Updates: All updates at state, national and international level!

Many important developments are taking place in the state, in the country, internationally, and in other areas. Now you can read all these events in one place

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