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Nagpur Maharashtra has the largest number of domestic workers in the country and many of the schemes put in place for them do not reach them due to online registration and other conditions.

According to the 2011 census, the number of domestic workers in the country is 47 lakh, 81 thousand 355. Maharashtra has the highest number of domestic workers (9 lakh 92 thousand 40). It is followed by Tamil Nadu (6 lakh 5,199) and then West Bengal (5 lakh 49,335) and Andhra Pradesh (4 lakh 66,209). The Labor Branch of the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment conducted a survey of domestic workers on November 22, 2021, covering 742 districts in the country.

Although this number is higher in Maharashtra, benefits from welfare schemes are not reaching workers here, say industry organisations. The establishment of the Domestic Workers Welfare Board in Maharashtra was announced in 2004 but has not yet been completed. In 2021, the state government announced Sant Janabai Gharkamagar Yojana. A financial provision was also made for this. Those who registered after 2011 were declared eligible. However, most of the women did not register with the labor department. The reason given is that the process is complicated.

Registration was done online during the Corona period. The women crossed the threshold of the labor department for registration.

But due to technical difficulties, many women were unable to register. In Nagpur, the number of these workers is in the millions.

But the number of registered women is only 45,000. Due to lack of registration, many women are deprived of the benefits of the scheme, said Vilas Bhongade, General Secretary of the Vidarbha Maids Association.

State Wise Stats

state number

Maharashtra 9,42,040

Tamil Nadu 6,05,169

East Bengal 5,49,335

Andhra Pradesh4,66,209

Karnataka 3,20,585

Gujarat 2,39,517

Uttar Pradesh 2016

There are several flaws in the schemes launched by the state government for housewives. This plan should be implemented in a modified way by correcting them. – Vilas Bhongade, General secretary, Vidarbha Maids Association.

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