Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election Results: 21-Year-Old MBBS Student…

Maharashtra Gram Panchayat 2022 Election Results: Yashodhara Shinde, 21, aspired to be a doctor. He went to the United States and took a medical course in Georgia, but his fate had something different in store for him when he returned to his town in Maharashtra and participated and won the Sarpanch elections. He now he plans to work to improve the village of he Vaddi located in Miraj tehsil of Sangli district of the state and complete his education online.

Let us tell you that in some parts of Maharashtra, voting was held on December 18 for 7682 gram panchayats. The results of the elections were announced on Tuesday. At the same time, people were shocked when 21-year-old Yashodhara Shinde also won. Yashodhara says that he wants women to be self-sufficient. Provide e-learning and other educational tools for students, help children adopt good health habits, raise the aspirations of youth, and contribute to the well-being of the farming community.

Yashodhara also talked about his studies. She said, “I am following the MBBS course at New Vision University in Georgia. I am currently in my fourth year and a year and a half of the course has not yet been completed.”

The family is also happy, the villagers are also happy.

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He said: “When the elections were announced in my village, the local people wanted someone from our family to compete for the position of sarpanch (village head). It was decided to run for this position. When I received a call, I came back from Georgia I contested the election and also won.

Yashodhara’s father is also happy and satisfied that he did not make a mistake in calling his daughter from abroad. Now Yashodhara will also study and will also be able to understand politics. When asked about the plans for the development of the village as Sarpanch, Yashodhara said my focus is on women’s issues.

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She said: “I am of the opinion that women should have equal opportunities to show what they are capable of and I want them to be educated and independent and not be dependent on their male counterparts.” Apart from this, the well-being of the children and her education is also included in her priority list.

Yashodhara Shinde said, “I would like to tell children about e-learning and the latest teaching methods.” “I also want to work to build toilets in the village and ensure the easy availability of sanitary napkins for girls and women. Also, children should adopt good hygiene habits,” she added. She also said that she will work with the youth on the town’s development agenda. He said, “70 to 80 percent of the town’s population is engaged in the agricultural sector and I would like to work for its sustainable development.”

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