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Maharashtra Breaking News Live: Fallout from Prophet Mohammad Contempt Case, Rajya Sabha Elections in Full swing; One-click momentary updates

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Maharashtra Latest news 07 June 2022

Maharashtra News Updates, 07 Jun 2022: Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s derogatory comments about the Prophet Muhammad continue to reverberate in Islamic countries, bringing to 12 the number of Islamic countries opposing the role of BJP spokesmen. Charges are being made against the same in state politics.

On the other hand, Shiv Sena chief and chief minister Uddhav Thackeray held a meeting of Shiv Sena and allied MLAs on Monday night for all six Rajya Sabha seats. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray called a meeting of the Shiv Sena and allied MLAs and asked them to vote for the two Shiv Sena candidates without any fear.

Corona infection is on the rise again in the state and concerns were raised at the cabinet meeting on Monday about the daily outbreak in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Raigad and Palghar districts. As a precautionary measure, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray told the meeting that a decision would be made after discussion with the Corona control action group on reinforcing the bandage.

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09:43 (IST) June 7, 2022
VIDEO: बि A leopard took a dog sitting in the yard

In Nashik, a leopard attacked a pet dog and killed it. The incident has caused a stir in the area. The incident has been captured by CCTV. The video has been viewed by more than 20,000 people on Twitter.

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09:42 (IST) June 7, 2022
Boris Johnson remains British Prime Minister

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been relieved by rising inflation and the ‘Partygate’ scandal. Boris Johnson has won the motion of no confidence. Boris Johnson won the resolution by 148 votes to 211, retaining the post of Prime Minister. A total of 359 votes were cast. Of these, 211 MPs expressed confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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09:36 (IST) June 7, 2022
After Siddaramaiah threatened to burn his underwear, the RSS sent underwear to Congress.

Disputes between political parties are not new to some. Discussions and denunciations are taking place among political leaders on various issues like Janakalyan Yojana, politics, justice. But if you say that a controversy in Karnataka has reached the point of underwear, you will not believe it. But it has happened.

Congress leader Siddaramaiah had said that shorts would be burned to protest against the RSS. In response, the RSS began collecting underwear to send to the Congressional office.

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09:36 (IST) June 7, 2022
VIDEO: Dangerous uncontrolled helicopter landing in Kedarnath

Helicopters carrying pilgrims for the Char Dham pilgrimage lost control and briefly escaped crashing to the ground. Private helicopters landed at the Kedarnath temple helipad in bad weather. The case is pending until May 31. No injuries were reported in the incident. Following the incident, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) warned all helicopter operators operating on the Char Dham route to strictly adhere to all safety regulations. read more

09:34 (IST) June 7, 2022
Gold and Silver Price Today: Gold Rises Again! Silver prices rose; Discover today’s price

Gold jewelry prices fluctuate in India due to excise duties, state taxes and manufacturing fees. Find out the current price of 10g 22ct and 10g 24ct in Maharashtra. Click here to read the full story.

09:32 (IST) June 7, 2022
The severity of corona infection is mild; expert opinion; Deaths, hospital admissions are low

Although the number of Corona patients in the state has increased by almost half in the last week, the death toll is very low. Although the spread of the coronavirus is increasing, the severity of the infection is not currently a cause for concern, experts say. The spread of the corona infection in the state is rapidly increasing again. At the end of May, the daily patient chart was in the house of five hundred. In the first week of June, it rose rapidly to around fifteen hundred. Read detailed here News

09:32 (IST) June 7, 2022
Bring candidates to the Seine without fear! Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s appeal to MLAs

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray called a meeting of the Shiv Sena and allied MLAs and asked them to vote for the two Shiv Sena candidates without any fear. Read detailed here News

09:31 (IST) June 7, 2022
Video: Two Wheeler and SUV Driver Plot; Arrested for trying to kill a speeding driver

A shocking video from the capital recently surfaced amid reports of crime in Delhi from time to time. Many cases of cases coming directly to the police station for disputes over road clashes and traffic jams are not new to Delhi. But on Sunday a strange incident occurred near the Arjan Ghar metro station in Delhi with some two-wheelers. Read detailed news here

09:30 (IST) June 7, 2022
United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Maldives protest against apostasy; Twelve Islamic countries protest BJP spokespersons

Insulting comments made by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma about the Prophet Muhammad continue to reverberate in Islamic countries. Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and the Maldives have also expressed discontent over the issue. Due to the involvement of these countries, the number of countries opposing India on this issue has reached 12. These include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Jordan, Oman and Pakistan. Read detailed news here

09:28 (IST) June 7, 2022
Prompt decision on compulsion to mask; Concerns at the state cabinet meeting about the corona outbreak

Coronary heart disease is on the rise again in the state, with a seven-fold increase in the number of cases in the last month and a half. Especially in the Mumbai metropolitan region, the number of daily casualties is increasing rapidly. At a state cabinet meeting, Health Department Additional Chief Secretary Pradip Vyas, presenting the situation in the state, warned that the situation was getting dire. Read detailed news here

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