Lockdown caused by Corona virus affected the tourism industry, tourists away from Hastinapur

The lockdown caused by the corona virus has had an impact on the general public as well as the tourism industry. Hastinapur was once abuzz with tourists, but today it is in a quiet state. Seeing the kind of situation seen in the present time, it can be said that right now it will take time to improve the situation.

Meerut History of Mahabharata period, Hastinapur is known as a big tourist place. This is the reason that tourists come from here and abroad. How has the tourism of Hastinapur affected during the lockdown caused by the corona virus, how people have followed the lockdown here and what is going on in Hastinapur, which is crowded with tourists … Let us Tell you

Jambudweep, Jain Temple, Shri Pandeshwar Mahadev Temple in Hastinapur and the ever-present stream of Ganga yesterday attract tourists a lot. Thousands of people live and work from this tourist place. Due to the lockdown, there is silence on the temple which is believed to be the witness of Mahabharata period. Ganga Snan Pandavas used to worship Lord Bholenath in this temple. Before the lockdown, thousands of tourists used to come here. This temple is included in the beautiful places of Hastinapur. Forests and lakes are the center of attraction of the people here.

There is silence in the Kailash Parvat Jain temple also due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus. Temple Philhal is closed. Talking about the specialty of this temple, this temple is quite big. There are statues of many deities along with Lord Krishna installed here. Not only this, this temple is very beautiful and special arrangements have been made for children and tourists.

The Jambudweep located in Hastinapur, whose Sumeru Mountains and Lotus Temples are liked by the people. You can enjoy boating here as well as seeing Sumeru mountain. Along with this, many types of swings are also very pleasing to children. Most children like riding the Airavat elephant. Here the figure of a white elephant is placed on a tractor-trolley which makes the whole complex round. With this, the Lotus Temple makes you feel at peace. But, due to the Corona epidemic, there is silence here too, shops are closed. Right now, seeing the kind of situation seen here at the present time, it can be said that right now it will take time to improve the situation.

The tourism industry has been badly affected by the Corona epidemic. Right now, in Unlock 1, when it was said that the temple, mosque and gurudwaras were opened, the situation has started returning here. People hope that with this initiative of the government, not only will people get employment again, but Hastinapur will once again return to its old existence.

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